The Dollar Tree Find That Will Revolutionize Your Toilet Paper Storage

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The thought of running out of toilet paper at the most inopportune time is enough to cause anyone to stack multiple rolls around the commode. Unfortunately, this can lead to clutter, especially if your bathroom is small. Although you can make the most of the space above your toilet, this spot may already house other personal care products, relegating your toilet paper to the floor. Luckily, you can organize these rolls with an unexpected Dollar Tree find: file holders. They're easy, affordable, and are perfect for customizing. 

You can purchase cardboard file holders at Dollar Tree for $1.25, at the time of writing. Although they come in a variety of colors, you can add contact paper to really up the ante and tailor them to match your bathroom décor. You can even use colorful peel-and-stick wallpaper options available on Amazon for $5.99. It sticks to a variety of surfaces and can turn an inexpensive hack into something bespoke. Not only will you have a creative way of storing toilet paper, but you'll do so for less than $10. 

Add toilet paper to a file holder

To carry out this amazing hack, simply purchase file holders and start stacking toilet paper rolls in them. Depending on the type of toilet paper you use — single-ply, double-ply, or quilted — you might notice that your toilet paper fits a bit too snugly. Although these file holders have a bit of give, the ones at Dollar Tree require a little bit of prep work. Since the front of the holder is higher than traditional plastic or metal file holders, you might need to trim it down. This allows the sides to expand with large rolls of toilet paper. 

You can also swap out cardboard file holders for small book bins, a similar item sold at Dollar Tree for $1.25 each. These are slightly wider and are better at accommodating large rolls of toilet paper. Since they're a neutral color, you can easily dress them up with contact paper. Although you can purchase metal file holders, they'll have less give than cardboard ones, so they might not be the best choice for toilet paper. They do, however, work for narrow packages of wet wipes. 

The great thing about this hack is that you can use these file holders all around your home; they can organize your pantry, help declutter your refrigerator, or tidy up your other toiletries. You can even use a file folder for mess-free painting, making them an affordable and multifaceted item to keep around the house.