The IKEA BILLY Bookcase Alternative Pinterest Swears By

IKEA's BILLY bookcase could be a great option for anyone looking for shelf space on the traditional side, and its glass-door option is hugely popular with IKEA customers. However, if you're thinking of displaying your treasured book collection in a slightly different way, their MOSSJÖN cabinet might just be the better bet. It's certainly Pinterest-approved.

Whether you've been inspired to put more of your favorite belongings on display thanks to the bookshelf wealth trend, or you're just on the hunt for a fun new cabinet, the MOSSJÖN offers storage while also serving as a unique focal point in its own right. The design includes a closed section with reeded glass doors, as well as additional open storage shelves below. And, while a number of content creators have pointed to its usefulness with things like toiletries, it works just as well in living spaces. 

The reeded glass of the MOSSJÖN cabinet serves two purposes that speak to its living-room-friendly status. For starters, you'll still be able to see into the cabinet, which is a perk bookshelf wealth lovers will appreciate. However, unlike the conventional clear glass featured in the BILLY, with the MOSSJÖN, items will be ever-so-slightly concealed by the vertical lines. On top of being chic, this feature helps the space look a whole lot tidier, which is perfect if your book collection includes a variety of different colors and designs that you're not sure work with the rest of your decor.

The MOSSJÖN cabinet elevates minimalist spaces

One of the biggest perks of IKEA's BILLY bookcase is that it creates the impression of built-ins. The MOSSJÖN, by contrast, does not. Far from it, the newer cabinet is decidedly minimalist. In addition to the reeded glass that helps things look neater, the sleek lines of the cabinet itself make it perfect for anyone who prefers a minimalist aesthetic. Having said that, even for those who aren't particularly passionate about minimalism but reside in smaller spaces, it's also a great way to show off those books and objects without taking up a ton of space.

Another benefit of the MOSSJÖN is that it's significantly cheaper than the similar version of the BILLY. While a BILLY with glass doors goes for $229 on IKEA's website, at the time of writing, the MOSSJÖN retails for just under $170. Granted, if you've just spent money on the BILLY (or any other cabinet with glass doors, for that matter), there are ways to get the look while you save for a newer model. Replicate the reeded glass look on a budget using reeded glass film. These products start at around $7.99 on Amazon. 

Whether you opt to purchase a MOSSJÖN right away or are planning on sprucing up your existing cabinets with film for the time being, IKEA seems like it might be onto something with this design. BILLY may finally have met his match.