Why You Should Ditch Your Laundry Hampers For A Stylish Storage Bench

While laundry hampers are necessary for containing dirty clothes before wash day, most types aren't so stylish-looking. Even if the room where you keep your hampers is super chic, these items can ruin the aesthetic, as visible piles of dirty laundry in plastic bins aren't so attractive. Further, even if your hamper has a lid, the piece may still be taking up space that could be better used in another way. To fix these problems, there's a convenient solution: use a decorative storage bench that has a flip-open lid instead. This item can serve the same purpose as a hamper — just open up the bench and put the clothes inside until it's time to wash them, effectively hiding them in plain sight.

Unlike a classic hamper, the storage bench will look like a stylish piece of furniture, so it won't clash with or ruin the room's appearance while storing the clothing. Further, it can also serve the purpose of additional seating, making the space that used to be filled by a large hamper much more useful. Additionally, because storage benches are typically quite large, you may be able to replace multiple hampers with just one bench. While this may seem like an odd idea, people use shoe storage benches to stay organized in style, so why not do the same with your dirty clothes? Discover some storage bench options and how to maximize the benefits of this hack. 

Get the best storage bench for your tastes

One potentially cost-effective option is to DIY a storage bench to make it perfectly fit your style, size preferences, and aesthetic. To successfully create it yourself, you'll typically need to plan the dimensions you want and sketch the design on paper, then use wood, paint, and tools to bring the storage bench to life. On the other hand, anyone uncomfortable with trying to DIY a storage bench should explore all the chic options available for purchase. For example, the glamorous Mercer41 Faux Fur Upholstered Storage Bench is available for $139.99 at Wayfair. This cream piece with soft, rounded edges would look great in a living room or bedroom. Furthermore, the more budget-friendly Room Essentials Double Storage Ottoman sells for $80 at Target. This sleek dark gray fabric piece could work in any area of your home, from the laundry room to a family room.

However, no hack is 100% perfect, including replacing hampers with storage benches, so consider the downsides before you commit. For example, while it's super easy to carry around most hampers, transporting a bench isn't so doable. Plus, if your dirty clothes smell particularly potent, that smell could get stuck inside the impermeable material of the storage bench. If these drawbacks make you nervous, put a mesh hamper bag in the storage bench to make transport easy. This could also minimize odors, since the mesh bag will contain your dirty clothes and can be washed with them.