20 Incredibly Easy DIY Storage Bench Ideas You Can Build Right Now

No matter how many closets your home has, you're probably still looking for some extra storage space. A great way to add storage to your home is by adding a bench with compartments or cubbies, for hiding away items. A storage bench is multi-functional because it adds both extra seating and storage to a space. Simply Storing says that any room in your home, from your living room to your bedroom to your dining room, can be enhanced with the addition of a storage bench.

But you don't have to purchase a storage bench. You can easily make one yourself by following some simple steps. Choosing to build a storage bench yourself could save you money — many even cost under $100 to make. Whether you need shoe storage in the entryway, blanket storage in the bedroom, or gardening storage in the backyard, there's a DIY plan for you to follow. 

1. An upholstered cushion

Houseful Of Handmade describes the plans for a simple storage bench that can be made out of any type of wood — for a rustic look, try reclaimed wood. This bench also has an upholstered cushion made of foam and quilt padding with fabric stapled around it.

2. A drawer

A unique storage idea is adding a pullout drawer to a bench. This DIY bench plan would be great for those who don't want their stored items to be visible and who don't want to have to lift the top of the bench to see what's inside. Woodshop Diaries outlines how to create this fun bench.

3. Wooden bins

Another way to stow away items inside a storage bench is by adding bins to cubbies. Jaime Costigilo builds a large bench to hold four wooden crates. If you're looking for lots of storage space, this plan would be a great option.

4. A shoe shelf

If you need a storage bench that provides both room to hide away other items and a shoe shelf, follow the printable plans provided by Addicted 2 DIY. This bench looks modern, with clean, straight lines, and it can be made for about $100. It would be a perfect addition to an entryway.

5. Shoe storage

If you're only looking to add some extra shoe storage, you could build Fix This Build That's entryway bench. Building a bench with shelves to store shoes is very useful because you can sit on the bench while taking off and putting on your shoes. It will also keep your entryway organized.

6. Only using one board

Woodshop Diaries provides the plans for another shoe storage bench. This bench is only made from one 2- by 10- by 8-inch wooden board. Because it's only made from a single board, this bench is easy to make and very cost-effective.

7. An upcycled laminate cabinet

Another easy way to make a storage bench is by creating it out of an unused laminate cabinet. My Love 2 Create explains how to do this in just three steps. Her cabinet has three cubbies for storing things like books, shoes, or baskets.

8. An upcycled headboard

You could also make an old headboard into a storage bench. The headboard will create a nice backing for your bench and give it a unique look. My Repurposed Life explains how to do this with easy-to-follow steps.

9. Lots of space

Her Tool Belt provides the plans for a large storage bench with a hinging top that has four separate compartments. This bench was originally made to store children's school backpacks — but the spacious compartments could be used to store just about anything.

10. Fit for a breakfast nook

If you're designing a breakfast nook, you may want to consider adding storage benches. Breakfast nooks with benches can feel cozy and inviting, and the extra storage can be super helpful in the kitchen. Place Of My Taste designs a built-in breakfast nook bench that's built between a cabinet and a wall.

11. Corner bench

You could also create a bench to fit in the corner of a room. HGTV provides the plans for a gorgeous banquette bench with a comfy cushion on top. This bench is placed in the kitchen to provide extra seating and extra storage space for smaller appliances.

12. Garden storage

Another great place to put a storage bench is in the garden, to hold extra gardening equipment. It will also provide you with a place to rest and enjoy your beautiful space. Instructables Workshop describes how to make an easy garden bench, complete with a support beam on the back.

13. Narrow bench

If you want to add a storage bench to a small entryway or narrow hallway, Den Garden provides the perfect plans. This bench is long and skinny, so it will fit into a compact space. This bench would also be great for the end of a bed, to hold extra pillows and blankets.

14. Simple design

Construct 101 describes how to make a simple storage bench out of plywood and trim pieces. This bench would be perfect for any space where you need a creative storage option.

15. Funky design

For an extra unique-looking storage bench, check out Anika's DIY Life's plans. This bench has a large compartment underneath the seat and a smaller drawer to the right. It's a funky design that will add character and personality to a space.

16. Multiple cubbies

A Beautiful Mess creates a storage bench to hold children's toys — but this bench could store anything you desire. It's got multiple cubbies, to keep your items organized, and the large design can hold a lot.

17. Perfect for a mudroom

For a bench that also has hooks, check out the plans by Honey Bear Lane. This mudroom furniture piece is tall with cubbies underneath and above the bench, and hooks to hang coats and bags.

18. Great for the foyer

Cherished Bliss builds a farmhouse-style bench for the foyer. This bench has two levels and four compartments, fitting eight storage bins.  

19. Beautiful design

Adding a backing to your bench can make it more comfortable to sit on and more appealing to look at. HGTV describes how to build an outdoor storage bench that has a beautiful design on the back panels.

20. Outdoor storage

Our Handcrafted Life outlines how to create an outdoor storage bench that can fit two large plastic storage bins. They say that this plan is great for beginners. The bench could hold anything from extra yard equipment to outdoor furniture cushions.