The Stylish Wine Rack Anyone Can Make By Saving Their Leftover Soup Cans

Are you a connoisseur of both wine and canned goods? We've got an easy, inexpensive DIY for you: a soup can wine rack. Realistically, even those who don't appreciate wine are likely to find a use for a cute upcycled storage solution that puts empty cans to use. Ready to get your DIY on? All you'll need to make your own wine rack is six to twelve large soup or vegetable cans, contact paper, scissors, paint, and a hot glue gun with glue sticks

Once you've gathered all your supplies, it's time to prepare your cans. Begin by removing their labels and washing the cans thoroughly. Then, allow them to air dry completely. As the cans dry, look around to decide whether your new wine rack will live in your kitchen or dining room or if you'll be repurposing it for alternative storage or display purposes in another room. Once your plans are clear and your cans are dry, it's time to begin. 

How to build a DIY soup can wine rack

Building your own soup can wine rack is a straightforward process, as demonstrated by TikTok creator @Hometalk. First, remove the bottom and the top (if necessary) of each prepared can. Then, paint the exterior of each can with craft or spray paint. When the paint is completely dry, cut pieces of contact paper to fit the interior of each can and carefully adhere the paper to the inside of the cans.

Next, decide on the shape of your rack by stacking the cans in different configurations — such as a pyramid or simple rows — until you find one you like. Once you've settled on a configuration, apply hot glue to the sides of each can and attach them to each other to create the desired overall shape. Allow the hot glue to cure for about 12 hours, and then it's time to load up your rack with wine bottles or any other items you decide to store in it, and then stand back and admire your work. Side note: don't forget to upcycle your empty wine bottles!

Alternative uses for your DIY soup can rack

Don't drink wine? Not a problem. A soup can rack can be used for a plethora of other storage or display solutions. You can use it to proudly display your gourmet soda or hot sauce collection instead. Alternatively, you can put it to work as a coffee center and fill it with coffee pods, sugar packets, stirrers, and other latte enhancers.

Are you running low on space elsewhere in your house? Use your soup can rack to sort and store art supplies like pencils, markers, crayons, or paintbrushes on your desk. If you have kids, it can easily become a parking garage for toy cars or a storage solution for small doll accessories. In the bedroom or bathroom, your soup can rack can store makeup or skincare items or serve as a jewelry organizer. When it comes to creative ways to put this DIY to good use, the only limit is your own imagination.