10 Clever Ways To Hide Your Small Appliances For A Clutter-Free Kitchen

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Countertop kitchen appliances can cut food prep time in half and save you a whole lot of hassle. But when you've amassed a few, especially if you're trying to make the most of a small kitchen, they can make counters look cluttered, even ruining your kitchen aesthetic. You can get rid of some lesser-used appliances, but luckily, you don't need to say goodbye to your favorite choppers, processors, and cookers. There are plenty of ways to hide your small appliances for a neater and more organized kitchen — or at least one that appears so.

From built-in appliance garages to cooker covers, there are options for anyone on this list. Some you'll need to build or install, requiring a bit more effort, while others are completely renter-friendly and can move with you from home to home. These ideas take advantage of your current storage, or even better, add more storage space, while also making your kitchen look neat and organized. The ideas ahead help you hide your small appliances, but they'll still be within easy reach for all your cooking needs.

Build an appliance garage

An appliance garage is essentially a parking spot for your small appliances. It has a door, which keeps appliances out of sight when you're not using them. Most garages will line up with your kitchen counter, so you can slide your appliances right out. Besides providing a place to hide small appliances and their accessories, appliance garages just feel luxurious too.

It's possible to make an appliance garage with a regular cabinet door, but we think it's all the more fun to use a door that opens from the bottom up, so it feels like a real garage door. This video from Angela Marie Made shows an easy way to install an appliance door on an existing kitchen cubby. It uses a cabinet lift mechanism, which you can get from many home retailers — for example, this Blum Cabinet Lift Mechanism costs around $79.00 on Amazon. These lifts open the door upward. When you're deciding where to install an appliance garage, it's best to choose a spot where the outlet can be inside the garage. You can cut out a panel to access an existing outlet, if needed, or talk with an electrician to install an outlet where you plan to place the appliances. Then, you'll be able to use some appliances without even taking them out of the garage. Of course, sans outlet, this is still a great way to clear appliances off cluttered counters.

Place appliances in a slide-out drawer

Sure, you already know large slide-out drawers are great for storing spices, pots, and cooking accessories, but they're also a good spot to store appliances. Instead of stacking pots and pans in a deep slide-out drawer, use the space for a toaster or electric kettle. Opt for vertical storage as a way to organize your pots and pans, as it makes it much easier to take each pan out.

The top drawer is the best place to put frequently used small appliances so that you don't need to bend down too much to access them. If you want the most convenience, follow the idea of this photo, and have drawers custom-made with an outlet inside. This makes it possible to plug appliances in, inside the drawer, so all you have to do is slide it open and use it — no need to move anything around. Or, if you're lucky, you might be able to choose a drawer near an existing outlet that's within reach, making it a cinch to plug your device in without taking it out. This hack works best with appliances that are easy to use from above, like toasters.

Use curtains to hide small appliances

There are plenty of unusual ways to decorate with curtains, and these window treatments can look particularly quaint in the kitchen. One way to use them is as a replacement for cabinet doors. If you have an open shelf or cubby that fits one (or a few) of your small appliances, add a curtain to cover up the storage inside. It's even better if there is an outlet inside the space: then you can just open the curtain to access the appliance (like a microwave) without needing to take it out.

You can mount the curtain rod to the cupboard for a more permanent solution, or use a small tension rod (like this two-pack for $8.99 on Amazon) for a damage-free and movable option. Curtains are available in short lengths. For example, these boho-style curtains start at $15.99 at Amazon. Alternatively, you can trim regular curtains to size, or even make your own if you want to upcycle something laying around (like old bedsheets) or are fond of a particular fabric.

Take advantage of a rolling cart

A rolling cart is a versatile item to have in a kitchen. You can use it to store a range of small bits and bobs, including small appliances. Many rolling carts look cute in their own right, so you can leave them out in a corner of your kitchen without it being an eyesore. To spruce it up a bit, you can add décor pieces. If you really want to hide small appliances in a cart, you can store them in baskets or add a curtain cover to hide the lower shelves. Another option for "hidden" storage is to roll the cart away. If you have extra space in a pantry, you can move the entire cart into the other room at the end of the day or when guests come over — out of sight, out of mind.

Rolling carts come in so many designs and sizes, ranging from small carts to ones that are essentially movable kitchen islands. A simple shelf, like this Amazon Basics one that retails for $48.98, will get the job done. But if you want more style and space, you can opt for one that is more of a decorated kitchen island style, like this large StyleWell cart that costs $269.23 from The Home Depot. IKEA has a few excellent options; one of our favorites is the Räskog utility cart ($39.99 at IKEA) because it pairs perfectly with the Högsma cutting board ($9.99 at IKEA), which fits perfectly on top to create an extra prep surface.

Install an appliance pantry (or hack your current cupboard space)

An appliance pantry is essentially a set of shelves for your appliances. To keep them well-hidden, go for a shelving unit with a door. This photo shows an excellent example of a narrow appliance pantry. It's an ideal width to fit small appliances, but since it's compact, it can also fit in smaller kitchens. Something tall like an IKEA Sektion cabinet frame would be a similar affordable pick (plus IKEA's Sektion line can also be customized with different shelves and doors).

If you don't have the room for an appliance pantry, there are a few ways you can make better use of your current cupboard space. Taking appliances in and out of the cupboard or pantry is a hassle, so install a pull-out cabinet organizer to make it a tad easier. A great option is the Hold N' Storage pull-out organizer, retailing at $99.99 from Amazon. Choose a cabinet or pantry space near an outlet. Then, you can place a coffeemaker or toaster on the pull-out organizer and plug it in when you want to use it, without needing to move the actual appliance.

Don't forget unused corner storage space in your cabinets

It makes sense to store small appliances in a spacious corner cabinet, but it can also make appliances hard to reach. If you've ever tried to pull a cooker out of the back corner of one of these cabinets, you know how frustrating it can be. Many small appliances have sticky rubber feet that make it difficult to drag them out. Fix all of these problems with a pull-out corner cabinet shelf. These types of shelving units have trays that essentially move items from the back corner closer to the front, so there's no more reaching your arm to the back of the cupboard. Some excellent options include the Rev-A-Shelf Dual Tier Pull-Out Shelf, which you can find for $449.83 on Amazon. Or, a lazy Susan-style shelf from the same brand, available for $223.99 on Amazon.

If installing a corner cabinet shelf isn't possible, a simple and affordable alternative is to use an appliance sliding tray. These are often made from a smooth material or have wheels so that they slide across a surface. Place your small appliance on a tray (like this bamboo tray, which you can grab for $37.89 on Amazon) before tucking it into the cupboard, and it will be easier to pull out.

A purpose-built lift shelf is great for heavy small appliances

A lift shelf adds so much convenience to your current cupboard storage. These purpose-built shelves are popular for stand mixers, so they're pretty sturdy and suitable to hold most small appliances. The lift shelf in this photo is from Rev-A-Shelf, retailing for $538.65 at Rev-A-Shelf. It has a weight capacity of 60 pounds and opens smoothly with its mechanical assist system. Once pulled out, this shelf holds small appliances at counter height. When you're done with your mixing or processing, trigger the soft close system, and it will fold itself back into the cabinet — no need to move your small appliance.

This shelf isn't exactly cheap, so those looking for a more budget-friendly option can buy the lift mechanism on its own for $142.99 on Amazon (there is also a soft-close version, which costs a bit more). You'll just need to DIY your own platform, which can be a benefit, as it allows you to customize this piece.

Cover appliances that have to be on the counter

If you're completely out of storage space, it's necessary to keep some appliances on the counter, especially in small kitchens where you can't even fit another cart. If you're a renter, you also might not be willing to install extra shelving or other storage solutions. In that case, use appliance covers to hide and decorate what you have to leave out.

Depending on your sewing skills, you can either make your own or buy a cover. The benefit of making your own is that you can choose your fabric, as well as fit the cover to the specific appliance. Of course, it's easier to buy a cover, and there are plain and decorative options available. An air fryer dust cover costs $15.99 from Amazon. Etsy is a good choice to find unique decorative options as well. We think this idea works particularly well in eclectic and farmhouse kitchens, where the fabric can add some flair to otherwise plain kitchen counters. You can also add a sliding tray under the appliance to make it easier to move heavy items across the countertop.

Install a pull-down shelf in upper cabinets

A pull-down shelf allows for easier storage in hard-to-reach upper cabinets, where it might be a hassle to take appliances in and out. The Rev-A-Shelf Pull Down Heavy Duty Shelf Organizer (which costs $560.99 on Amazon) is an excellent option that brings items down to a more usable level. There are other options as well, but you'll want to look for a heavy-duty shelf that is sturdy enough for appliances (some pull-down organizers are better for lightweight items like spices).

Try to install the organizer near an outlet. If it's close enough, you won't even have to take the appliance off the shelf to use it. Just plug the toaster, coffeemaker, or other appliance into the outlet, and when you're done, unplug and push the organizer back into the upper cabinet. To contain messes, consider placing a serving tray under the appliance to catch crumbs. This is especially useful if the shelf has a wire rack design to prevent cupboards from getting too dirty.

Repurpose a plant caddy into wheeled appliance storage

One tip to create a perfectly organized kitchen is to put the empty space on the floor of your pantry to good use. There's no need to put items on the floor, which might feel unhygienic to some — not to mention, it doesn't make it any easier to reach small appliances. Instead, grab a plant caddy on wheels. This still allows you to take advantage of empty floor space below pantry shelves, while keeping items off the floor. When you want to use an appliance, just wheel it out to the kitchen and place it on the counter.

To start, measure the base of your appliances first to make sure you get a large enough caddy. There are round and square options available. Round plastic caddies are widely available online, like this Yiting two-pack for $17.99 on Amazon. If you want to upgrade the look, consider a wooden caddy, like these rustic wheeled units from Hohy for $23.99 on Amazon. Finally, if you prefer a square platform, WanderingDonkey square platform caddies are available in a few sizes on Amazon.