Pinterest Says This Simple Mistake Is Sure To Attract Stray Cats To Your Yard

Cats instinctively bury their waste, but without the luxury of a litter box, outdoor cats relieve themselves wherever they see fit, including your garden or elsewhere in your yard. They might even hang out near your yard and claim it as their own. This may not bother some homeowners, but it could be problematic for others, especially if the cat ends up having kittens. Pinterest provides some tips from Lawn Holic on how to keep cats out of your yard, including removing one of the main things that attract them: food.

Stray and feral cats are scavengers, so leaving exposed trash or food out invites them to your yard with its wafting odor, but remember, felines are also predatory. This means that fresh food and discarded food in trash bags aren't the only sources they're interested in. If small rodents or other animals spend time in your yard, a cat is definitely going to notice ... and hunt them. The good news is that there are ways to prevent this and to keep cats out of your yard.

How to remove cats' food sources from your yard

The first way is to eliminate cats' food source from your trash. Make sure your trash bags are tightly sealed and placed into a receptacle with the lid closed. It's not always enough to just double-knot the bags and leave them outdoors, as cats (and other scavengers) can easily tear into them with their claws if they smell food. A can with a heavy lid will prevent this.

The second is to keep pet food indoors overnight. Perhaps you have a dog or cat that enjoys spending time in your yard during the day, and you leave a bowl of food out for them. After all, many cats and dogs enjoy sunbathing or just being out in the fresh air. No harm there, but remember to bring the food bowl (and your pet) indoors before dusk, when cats are most active.

The third way is to keep your grass trimmed and free of clutter since long grass and yard debris can attract mice and other small critters, which can attract cats. Without trash, pet food, or prey to hunt, stray cats won't have a reason to stick around in your yard for long.