15 Laundry Room Shelving Ideas That Will Elevate Your Storage And Decor

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If you feel like you spend a lot of your time doing laundry, you're probably not wrong. According to the National Park Service, the average American family does around 300 loads of laundry annually. All of this washing feels like even more of a chore when your laundry room is disorganized. Plus, if your laundry room doubles as a utility closet, it's even more important to have enough storage space. Laundry room shelving provides both storage and organization.

There are plenty of shelving products that can take laundry room storage to the next level. Some of them have combined cabinets, shelves, and rods, and even accessories like baskets and ironing board holders. This list includes a range of shelving ideas, from laundry storage systems to simple wall shelves, to suit different size laundry rooms. We focused primarily on variety in hopes of providing some storage inspiration. Versatility was important as well, and we chose plenty of shelving systems that can do more than one job. Want to get your laundry room tidied up and organized? Here are some laundry room shelving ideas to upgrade your space.

Aubrey Deluxe Laundry Organization Set

If you're looking for an entire laundry room storage system, the Aubrey Deluxe Laundry Organization Set from Pottery Barn is an excellent solution. This system includes four open cabinets, two hanging rail cabinets, a rolling laundry cart, and a wall-mounted, fold-down drying rack. The system looks gorgeous set up around a washer and dryer, but since each piece is separate, you can create your own layout, if you'd like.

This system is crafted from engineered wood and finished in a neutral white color. Though simple, there is a lot of attention paid to detail. Each piece has elegant finishing features like crown molding and beadboard paneling. The pieces are designed to fit flush together, so there are no unsightly gaps in the display. Each item in the system is also sold separately in case you just want to add more to your current storage or design your own layout entirely. If you love the style of this laundry system, you can extend the aesthetic to the rest of your home with the Aubrey Collection from Pottery Barn.

Ulif Over Washer and Dryer Shelves

A large wall-mounted laundry system is nice in theory, but it's just not realistic for some homes. Whether you're renting or on a budget, you might prefer a cheaper and easier-to-install storage system. That's where over-washer shelves are a good choice. The Ulif Over Washer and Dryer Shelves on Amazon are a highly-rated pick. This shelving system sits over the washer and dryer, which means no need to drill into or damage any walls.

The rack has three open shelves, a wire basket shelf, and two side rails with hooks for hanging light items. One side has a crossbar across the top that you can use for clothes hangers, but since each shelf is made of metal wire, you can realistically hang items anywhere between the gaps. As a bonus, each shelf is height adjustable so that you can make space for your machines and other items in the laundry room. This shelf system is easy to put together, and to ensure its stability, it has adjustable leveling feet and comes with a wall anchor.

IKEA Enhet Laundry System

If you're doing a whole laundry room renovation, the Enhet Laundry System from IKEA is a good all-in-one choice. It includes several storage cabinets in a range of sizes, designed to fit around a side-by-side washer and dryer, and it's the only option on our list that includes a sink. This makes it ideal for anyone who wants to order their entire laundry room set-up at once (minus the washer and dryer; you'll need to grab those separately).

The cabinets are closed, which hides messy storage. There's an extendable rail between two of the cabinets, which gives you a spot to hang items. The sink is on the smaller side but blends in nicely with the unit and has a cabinet right underneath for storing your buckets and cleaning supplies. IKEA recommends adding Enhet hooks (not included) for those who want to add even more storage space. This system is available in a few colors, each with different hardware choices as well.

Brightroom Metal Laundry Station

Add movable storage to your laundry room with the Brightroom Metal Laundry Station. This wheeled laundry station is essentially like a rolling coat rack with extra baskets. The top rod has stoppers so that you can use clothes hangers on it, without risk of them slipping off the rail. Then it has two removable baskets, one smaller one at the middle of the unit, and a larger bottom basket. 

The bottom basket is excellent to use as a dirty laundry hamper, but you can also use it to store linens, towels, and other items. The top basket can work as a hamper as well — for example, if you want to separate your delicates from your other clothes. Or you can use it to hold frequently used items in the laundry room, like your detergents and stain removers, since it sits at an easily reachable height. This laundry station is made of rust-resistant steel and has wood accents which make it feel a bit more cozy and warm.

Wall-Mounted Laundry Drying Rack

Don't have the floor space for a laundry storage system, or even a drying rack? Then install this Wall-Mounted Laundry Drying Rack from Pottery Barn. It doesn't offer very much shelf space, but it does provide a decent amount of hanging area for a wall-mounted rack. There's a walnut shelf on top to place most-used items, while the base is made of steel. The dowels are also made of wood (painted white), which makes the overall unit feel sturdy. 

You can pull the hanging section out from under the shelf when you need to dry your clothes, and then tuck it back into place to save space when it's empty. The drying rack section has seven rods so that you can hang a few items directly on it or use clothes hangers to fit more garments along the bottom section — as long as you stay under the total capacity of 26 pounds. Mounting hardware for this unit is included.

EZ Shelf-Expandable Laundry Room Shelves

The EZ Shelf-Expandable Laundry Room Shelves look like basic shelves, but there's much more to them than meets the eye. The shelves come in a variety of sizes, with a coverage range from 19.5 inches wide up to 120 inches wide. Each shelf size is expandable by at least 10 inches: this one from Amazon can range from 40.5 inches to 75 inches wide, and two shelves are included in the pack. The size variety and expandable design means you can customize these shelves to fit your storage needs and create a functional laundry room.

The shelves anchor to the wall and can hold up to 200 pounds, more than enough to hold bottles of detergent, cleaning supplies, towels, and more. Depending on the shelves you choose, some have a hanging rod along the front. The dowels on this shelf are made from steel, held in place by a sturdy molded frame, so they're built to last.

Triton Products Laundry Room Organizer Kit

Add customizable storage to your laundry room with the Triton Products Laundry Room Organizer Kit. This is a pegboard system, which means you can alter its layout to your liking. Three large pegboards are included: one measuring 31.5 by 9 inches and two measuring 30 inches by 12 inches. It also has accessories (two shelves and an array of hooks) that you can use to create your own personalized shelving arrangement. The accessories are designed to hold a range of common laundry room items, like your ironing board, iron, mops, and brooms.

The accessories have two- and four-point locking hooks to make sure they can handle heavy loads. They also lock into place, so they won't shift about until you're actively trying to move them. The pegboard design means you can add other LocHook shelves, hooks, and accessories, which you can also shop at Tractor Supply Co. Mounting hardware for the pegboards is also included.

IKEA Boaxel Laundry Combination

Simple but so versatile, the IKEA Boaxel Laundry Combination is another system for those who want adjustable laundry shelves. The shelves and racks are mounted on brackets, and you can move them up and down as you wish. Once the brackets are mounted to the wall, you can click the shelves and accessories into place (no additional tools needed). Included are seven shelves, two drying racks, and a clothes rail, but there are plenty of other shelving and accessory options as well. Consider adding more pieces from the Boaxel system to create a truly customized laundry room.

The open shelves are plain, but they will get the job done, providing a place for your bottles of detergents, stain removers, towels, and other cleaning supplies. The drying rack space is a welcome solution for anyone wanting to solve their small laundry room problems. Most of this system is made of steel, so it's a sturdy choice, and has particleboard shelves, which keeps its price low.

ClosetMaid 4-Tier Wall Rack

The ClosetMaid 4-Tier Wall Rack is a compact storage solution, perfect for small laundry rooms. This highly rated wall rack measures 18 inches wide, narrower than a typical interior door. It's a wall-mounted rack, so you can install it on an empty wall or on the back of a door. Since it's only 5 inches deep, it won't jut out too much into your laundry space.

Great for tight spaces, this rack is available in a two-, three-, and four-tier version (this one from Amazon has four tiers). It also comes in an even narrower 12-inch wide version (which will fit nicely in some cabinets). Both sizes are made of epoxy-coated steel, which is rust-resistant and strong, and come with mounting hardware. Since the shelves aren't heavy-duty and also aren't very deep, this rack isn't suitable for large items. However, it is the perfect size for your dryer sheets, cleaning bottles, and other small laundry accessories. 

Mill's Pride Laundry Room Wall Cabinet and Pole

While open shelving looks nice and modern, traditional cabinets can give your laundry room a more homey feel. The Mill's Pride Laundry Room Wall Cabinet Set is a classic-looking choice that comes in a few gorgeous colors: aspen green, valencia blue, and soft white. The cabinets have a vinyl-clad finish, which is durable and holds up to heavy-duty use. Each has a shaker style door, which adds to its traditional appearance. A small but welcome modern feature is the soft-close doors.

The kit has two cabinets, each made of plywood and measuring 23 inches tall, 18 inches wide, and 12 inches deep. Two height-adjustable shelves are included, and since they're ¾ inch thick, they can hold up to your heavy detergents and other laundry items. In between is an extendable pole, which you can set between 22 and 40 inches wide. This allows you to also customize the space between your cabinets according to your laundry room size.

mDesign Metal Steel Ironing Board Holder

A wall-mounted ironing board holder is an excellent addition to any laundry room, as it gives you a safe spot to place your big and bulky ironing board. But there's no reason to stop there: It's even more useful if the ironing board holder has built-in shelving. The mDesign Metal Steel Ironing Board Holder is a highly rated choice. Made out of steel, it's formed into a rack that holds a standard-size ironing board. The top section is a basket-style shelf.

The shelf has a cut-out area that's intended to fit an iron (it provides space for the iron handle). This makes it easier to take the iron in and out, while keeping it secure. Even if you accidentally shake the shelf around while taking the ironing board down, the iron itself won't fall. There's also space on the shelf for a couple of bottles, like your fabric sprays and stain removers. Mounting hardware is included for straightforward installation.

ClosetMaid Utility Shelf and Accessories

ClosetMaid has a range of closet shelves and accessories that you can combine to create your ideal laundry shelving unit. Made of rust- and chip-resistant vinyl-coated steel and with an excellent brand reputation to back them, their options are sturdy and long-lasting. To start, the ClosetMaid Wire Shelf Kit is a basic but useful plain shelf that comes in a 3-foot or 4-foot wide size and is a sizable 12 inches deep to hold a bunch of laundry bits.

A narrow alternative is the ClosetMaid Laundry Utility Hanger Shelf, which is available in an 18- and 24-inch width. On either shelf, you can add the ClosetMaid Wire Hanging Shelf Basket which has hooks to hang from the gaps in the steel shelves. You can even stack multiples of these baskets together to create a laundry room organization system. The gaps also provide space for you to place hangers, maximizing storage. Each product includes installation hardware, so you can mount it right out of the box.

George & Willy Ceiling Hanging Drying Rack

When you're looking for ways to make the most out of a small laundry room, it can be frustrating to find space for your drying racks — they usually end up spilling out into other rooms. That's no longer a problem with the George & Willy Ceiling Hanging Drying Rack. This rack mounts to the ceiling and has a pulley system so that you can move it up and down. Keep it up and tucked close to the ceiling to have it out of the way and make your laundry room feel larger and spacious. Then, when you have clothes to dry, lower the rack and place your items on the dowels. This design means you no longer need to sacrifice any floor or wall space for clothes drying.

The wooden, mold-resistant dowels give this rack a luxurious look, so you may even consider installing it outside of the laundry room. It's available with a white or black frame to suit your color palette. The hanging section measures 45.3 inches by 23 inches, making it sizable enough to fit a number of garments (even more if you put them on clothes hangers).

Honey-Can-Do Wall-Mounted Clothes Hamper

The Honey-Can-Do Wall-Mounted Clothes Hamper combines useful laundry room shelving with a laundry hamper. This wall-mounted system has a small top shelf and then a large hamper section. There are two ways to install this unit: Attach the frame to the wall with the included mounting hardware, or hang it over the back of the door with the included over-the-door hook.

Once it's in place, use the top shelf to organize lightweight laundry accessories or add décor to your laundry room. The shelf is made of wood, so it looks nice, but is rather light-duty with a weight capacity of 10 pounds. The bottom section is a hamper with a removable canvas laundry bag, which makes it easier to transfer dirty laundry to the washer. When it's empty, the hamper can be folded up to save space. Of course, you don't only need to use it for dirty laundry. You can also use the breathable bag for holding blankets, towels, or other household linens — it has a much larger weight capacity and holds up to 40 pounds.

ClosetMaid Laundry Room Cabinet Kit with Top Shelves and Shaker Doors

The ClosetMaid Laundry Room Cabinet Kit with Top Shelves and Shaker Doors is perfect for adding storage to a small laundry nook or closet. This simple system consists of one cabinet (with traditional shaker doors for style) and three shelves. The two open shelves are fixed, while you can adjust the height of the shelf inside the cabinet. A hanging rod is also included.

Designed to install over a washer and dryer pair, this system can fit spaces up to 73.12 inches with the shelves configured vertically, and 121.12 inches with a shelf on each side of the cabinet. It's possible to cut the shelves to size if you have a smaller space, and the hanging rod can adjust from 30 to 48 inches long to accommodate. This system is simple but practical, with some hidden storage (perfect for hiding messes), plenty of open storage, and a spot to hang clothes.