Double Your Houseplant Collection With Old Glass Jars You Already Own

For those of us who have a stash of glass jars stacked up on top of each other at home have probably been judged at one point or another as someone who has a hard time parting ways with items. Perhaps you have even been called thrifty. But any crafty person knows mason jars are a great item to have on hand for any DIY home project. Reusing them can help you save money, plus you will be helping out the environment by reducing waste. Beyond canning, there are countless other clever ways to reuse old glass jars from around the house. But perhaps one idea that has not crossed your mind is using them as plant holders. 

Glass jar planters can make a lifeless space in your home living art or turn a boring white wall into a vertical garden. Because the containers are clear, you can keep an eye on the roots of your plants to make sure they stay healthy and keep track of the soil's moisture. As far as what you can plant, here are some green living ideas to put your jars to good use. 

Design an herb garden in your kitchen

As the grow your own food movement continues to gain popularity, old mason jars have become somewhat of a staple for indoor herb gardens. You can mount glass jars on a kitchen wall to create a living garden where you can easily grab basil, parsley, or other herbs to use while cooking. And if properly cut back and pruned, herb plants can stay relatively small, which makes them perfect for jars.

When beginning, consider what indoor herbs will grow well in a kitchen garden. Most herbs need plenty of light, so be sure to place the mason jars in a spot that receives full sun. Drainage can be an issue in glass jars, so to prevent your soil from getting too soggy, only water your plants when the soil is dry. If water puddles on the top layer of soil, be sure to dump any excess out in the sink.  

Create a healing garden indoors

Let food be thy medicine is a saying that some green living enthusiasts try to live by as they look to the healing benefits of plants to stay healthy before turning to their medicine cabinets. With functional medicine growing in popularity, many are opting for a healing garden at home. You can certainly bring the therapeutic benefits of plants to your indoor space, and glass jars are a great resource for planters.

As far as what works in jars, aloe vera is one of those plants you can't go wrong with. The plant purifies the air, and the gel from the stems is used to treat wounds such as burns and cuts. To grow in a jar, fill it with sandy loam soil. Water your plant about once a week, and place it next to a south-facing window for optimal growth. 

Another great medicinal plant to grow in jars is lavender. Research has shown it can help promote sleep and alleviate stress, so it's often placed in bedrooms on a nightstand. It thrives in sandy loam soil and needs to be watered twice a week. It is recommended to have your planter near a south-facing window — another option is to cut your lavender and place the herb in jars around your house for the same healing benefits. Doll up your mason jar with fun string or cloth wrapped around them, or even cute labels to keep track of your different healing herbs.