TikTokers Are Elevating Ordinary Recessed Lights And The Results Are Impressive

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Recessed lighting has been at the top of the light fixture game in modern, minimalist homes. They offer a clean look while adding visual interest to an interior. When your space doesn't receive enough natural light, recessed lighting is perfect for brightening darker corners, especially in the kitchen. Plus, they're often installed with a dimming function so that you can control the lighting throughout the day. However, TikTok users have taken it upon themselves to change the game by replacing their recessed lighting with a pendant light fixture, and it's definitely caught our attention.

Even though ordinary recessed lighting is simple and chic, it can sometimes look repetitious and uninteresting. Swapping the recessed lighting for pendant light fixtures elevates and adds texture to a room. Of course, you don't have to replace all the recessed lighting you have; instead, you can choose a few to spruce up the room. For instance, if you have recessed lighting in the kitchen around the ceiling and under a few cabinets, you could keep it in the cabinet area and swap two or three placed over the island. On the other hand, if you have recessed lighting in the entryway, swapping the closest one to the door with a pendant light fixture is an effortless way to elevate your lighting. Applying this hack to your home is incredibly easy, but you must pick a pendant light style first.

Choosing a pendant light fixture to replace your recessed lighting

There are a few things to consider before installing your pendant lighting. Choosing the right style is tricky, as it should complement the interior's ambiance and be the right size and length for the ceiling's height. If you want the light to be a statement piece, opt for a larger size, but if you want a cluster of lights, go for a smaller size. For instance, if you have a farmhouse-style dining room with wood features and light tones, wood-style pending light fixtures will suit the interior. Even though you're using wood, you can make it stand out by your chosen style. Home Depot sells a charming dark wood cage-style pendant light for $87.29 that perfectly balances the ambiance in a farmhouse-style dining room or kitchen.

For those who enjoy a modern style, the most common fixture is dome-shaped, which is always an exceptional choice. However, if you want something more interesting, Target sells a gorgeous white globe pendant light with gold accents for $49 that would fit perfectly in an entryway. However, be mindful of how low you hang the light; you don't want guests to bump into it when they walk through the door. Joss & Main also offers a stunning ribbed glass pendant light in green, white, pink, and purple that would add a stylish touch over a small kitchen table. After you peruse all the pendant light options, it's time to install your choice.

Materials and steps for installing a pendant light fixture

Replacing your recessed lighting with a pendant light is easy and only requires a few things. You'll need a recessed light converter, which you can buy at Walmart for $24.58, a ceiling medallion from Home Depot for $9.64, a circuit tester, a screwdriver, your hanging pendant light, and a ladder. Home Depot, Lowe's, and other hardware stores sell ceiling medallions in various styles and colors, so you can purchase one that complements your pendant light if it's not a flush mount ceiling style.

Once you gather your materials, turn off the power to install the light fixture and remove the recessed light, ensuring you leave the socket behind, as shown by TikTok user @worthhomeproducts. Then, install the ceiling medallion, following the instruction manual. Once the medallion is properly installed, use the circuit tester to ensure the power is off. Next, install the pendant light by looping the wires through the ceiling medallion and the pendant light's cap. Connect the converter wires with the pendant wires, following the pendant light fixture's instruction manual. Then, add your light bulb to the pendant light and turn on the power to ensure the wires work. If the wires turn the light bulb on, turn the power back off and complete the installation process by attaching the ceiling medallion and light fixture cap to the ceiling. Turn the power back on, and you're ready to use your new pendant light.