Big Changes Are Coming To Bosch Power Tools In 2024. Here's What To Expect

Bosch is a mainstay in the world of tools. The brand, which originated in 1885, has continued to be a go-to company for consumers and professionals alike. Today, they sell everything from kitchen appliances to security systems to water heaters. But, at the end of the day, Bosch is mostly known for their power tools. In 2024, those power tools are getting a big upgrade. The company recently announced that they will be jumping on the cordless train and plan to release 30 new cordless products to the power tool market this year.

Cordless products are not only becoming a trend, they make working in the industry (and at home) much more seamless. "Our new products, designed with user insights in mind, represent a significant leap forward in meeting the evolving needs of hard workers," said Steve Shepherd, Vice President and General Manager for Bosch Tools North America. "Bosch remains dedicated to pushing the industries' boundaries, and these new product advancements are a testament to our commitment to providing tools that empower hard workers to achieve exceptional results all day, every day on the job site."

What to expect from the new cordless products

If you have ever dealt with the struggle of finding a place to plug in a power tool, this news likely has you jumping for joy. While cordless power tools have been around for quite a bit — the very first one was invented by Black and Decker in 1961 – the release of these products makes them much more mainstream. Competitor brands like Ryobi, who sells the cheapest cordless power tool, and the pricier Dewalt, who launched their products over a decade ago, have already leaned into the cordless world, but with the release of 30 products, the idea of plug-in power tools may be a thing of the past.

The wait has also made Bosch's cordless selection stronger. The brand says that these new power tools will have longer battery lives and better versatility. Bosch plans to release the new products throughout the year, starting with a few strong contenders that are tailored for drilling through concrete and adding ease to the construction process.

The new cordless tools coming from Bosch

The first set of cordless power tools Bosch will release in 2024 are focused on working with concrete. The 18V Drill/Driver with 5-In-1 Flexiclick® System and (1) CORE18V® 4 Ah Advanced Power Battery has a 5-in-1 design and has 565 in.-lbs. of max torque. The 12V Brushless Max ¼" Right Angle Die Grinder was created to be on the smaller end, making it easier for the user to control and the 18V ½" Brushless Connected-Ready Drill/Driver has a built-in light so you can see what you are doing even in the dark and a kickback control that prevents sudden rotational torque reaction.

In addition to the actual tools, Bosch is also releasing battery-powered work lights, a 12V Max Connected Thermal Camera that also has the ability to record voice notes, and a handheld inspection camera, in both 5 feet and 11 feet, that are both high resolution and have rubber housing for added safety.