Give A Dollar Tree Birdhouse An Irresistible Upgrade With This Easy DIY

If you want to invite birds to your yard on a budget, you can find simple wooden birdhouses at places like Dollar Tree for (as the name suggests) as little as a dollar. These birdhouses may seem dull compared to some pricier options, but this TikTok video shows you how to dress up a Dollar Tree birdhouse in a way that's irresistible — to birds, at least. This DIY is simple, easy, and affordable, and you probably already have the necessary supplies on hand. All you need is some peanut butter, birdseed, and a butter knife. 

Apply a thin, even layer of peanut butter to the surface of your birdhouse, using a knife to smooth it out. Then toss your favorite birdseed over it until it's fully coated in scrumptious seeds. Hang your new birdhouse in a tree, and birds will be nibbling in no time.

This is a fun, easy project for bird-loving kids and adults alike. However, when it comes to offering peanut butter and seeds to your feathered friends, there are a few things to consider to keep them healthy and happy. Below, we'll go into the details of how to make the most out of your DIY Dollar Tree birdhouse.

Is peanut butter safe for birds?

Whether peanut butter is safe for birds is a common question asked by bird lovers. When offering food that's designed for humans to any kind of wild animal, it's important to make sure it's safe for them to eat. Peanut butter is not only a safe food to add to your birdfeeder, but also a nutritious, high-energy supplement to birds' diets — especially in winter, when food is scarce and birds need more calories to stay warm. However, there are some cases in which peanut butter can cause harm.

The main concerns are when peanut butter gets too soft and sticks to birds' beaks, or when the oil separates and transfers to their feathers. If a mother bird returns to her nest and oil from her feathers touches one of her eggs, it can plug the eggshell's pores and suffocate the embryo inside. Experts recommend offering peanut butter to birds only in colder months, when it will stay firm. Craft your DIY Dollar Tree birdhouse in the winter, and the birds will thank you. You can also use peanut butter to transform cardboard tubes and other household items into easy, affordable birdfeeders.

What type of birdseed should I use?

Birds love seeds, and there are many varieties available in pet stores, home improvement stores, and even your local grocery. These are all safe for birds to eat, but many birdseed mixes include cheap "filler" seeds like oats and red millet, which most birds don't actually like. As a result, birds will pick through these seed mixes to find the tastiest seeds and discard the rest. The cheapest birdseed mixes may not really be a good deal because much of their contents will go to waste. When comparing birdseed prices, be sure to review the ingredients to see what kinds of seeds you're getting.

Birds have different palates and preferences just like we do, so the type of seed you choose comes down to the type of bird you want to attract. You can find charts showing which species like which seeds at places like the Farmer's Almanac. Sunflower seeds are a great all-purpose option because they're favored by the widest variety of birds. Safflower seeds, thistle seeds, and white millet are also popular. Some birds like larger offerings like corn kernels, peanuts, and raisins, but these may not work as well for this DIY because their size makes them more likely to fall off your Dollar Tree birdhouse than smaller seeds.