Here's How HGTV's Joanna Gaines Sets A Romantic Valentine's Day Table For Two

If you want to decorate your home like Joanna Gaines, take notes because the HGTV star posted how she sets a romantic table for two on Valentine's Day on Instagram. To start, the expert placed some beautiful, fresh-cut pink roses in a black flower pot, letting those floral pieces serve as the small, rectangular wood table's focal point. She also added two long, slim candles of different heights to the table for an elegant touch.

Then, Gaines put down two lacy round placements and added light blue plates on top of them. Going with the pastel theme, she put soft pinkish napkin cloths on the plates. She also added eating utensils in their proper places next to each placemat and set out some thin glasses for drinking. Finally, she lit the candles to set a romantic mood. Anyone can replicate this adorable table setting technique, making their homes look as Valentine's Day-ready as expensive, fancy restaurants — but with more privacy and without those high restaurant prices.

Set a table that fits your style

Of course, Joanna Gaines' Valentine's Day table looks lovely, and everyone should consider using the video as a starting point and guideline of inspiration for their own romantic Valentine's Day dinners. However, don't feel like you must precisely copy every aspect of the HGTV star's technique. There's nothing wrong with adding your unique twist to the table.

For instance, if you want to do something different from the expected flowers for the centerpiece, many other beautiful table centerpieces will look just as good. Some alternatives to flowers are a stack of books for couples who love academic aesthetics or are avid readers, herbs for something similar to flowers but with more of a fresh and green vibe, or a bowl of your partner's favorite fruit for a sweet touch. Or, consider making a centerpiece yourself. Even if you're not an artist, your partner will likely appreciate the effort and originality. So, are you ready to put your spin on the HGTV star's Valentine's Day setup?