Nostalgic Ways To Breathe New Life Into That Old Wood Sled In Your Home

Conquering a snowy hill with your trusty sled is a fond memory you don't need to put away just because your sledding days are over. In fact, there are several ways you can put an old sled to use in and around your home so it doesn't wither away in the back of the garage. The sleigh's sturdy wood planks and railing make it great for upcycling into furniture pieces, storage space, and rustic decor. We have 11 beginner-friendly DIY projects that can give the old sled a new lease on life and spruce up your space.

Unfortunately, newer plastic snow sleds won't work for these hacks. Vintage or wooden sleds are the base for all of our upcycling projects. But before transforming the old sled, you'll need to clean it. Remove any loose debris with a brush or microfiber cloth, then wipe the panels with a damp rag of soapy water. If you really want to bring the vintage snowmobile back to life, finish it off with a wood polish for a nice shine. Now, it's ready to be transformed.

Spice up your front entrance

Vintage sleds are popular outdoor decor for the Christmas season. Simply prop the snow slide up against your home and style it with ornaments like a wreath and mini tree. However, wood sleds also make for fabulous decor all winter season. Instead, swap the Christmas ornaments for wintery emblems like ice skates and branches. You can also restyle it for other holidays and seasons using whatever decor you like. Try climbing vines for the spring or pumpkins for Thanksgiving.

Decorate your fireplace

The old sled adds a rustic touch inside your home, too. Lean it against your fireplace or near the entryway for a simple design that still makes an impact. It is best styled with other accessories like candle stands, lanterns, or flowers to follow the "groups of three" interior design rule. You can even paint the piece or stencil a message to elevate the vintage sled into a custom sign.

Make a showstopping centerpiece

Who says centerpieces only have to be vases or candles? Your sled makes a great feature on your dinner table. Not only is it rustic decor, but you can use it as a serving tray for the food. It is great to bring out at dinner parties for a stylish platter that will wow guests. If the vintage sled is too big for your tabletop, don't worry. Instead, place it on a stand or small foldout table against the wall for all the same perks.

Hang pots and pans

A hanging rack is a great way to organize your pots and pans, especially with limited cabinet space. Better yet, you can DIY a pot rack with a vintage sled. Anchor at least four hooks into the beams of your kitchen ceiling, ideally above the island. Then, using heavy-duty rope or chains, secure the wood sled to the ceiling anchors with the rails facing down. Once everything is locked in place, use S-hooks to hang your cookware from the sled's legs. It will be a functional statement piece in your home that is sure to draw everyone's eyes.

Turn it into a plant stand

Another way to use your wooden slide is as a plant stand. Since the planks are designed to withstand snow, they should be able to handle the water drainage from your planters. Just set the sled in an area with ample sunlight and place your potted foliage on top of the cargo bed. You can also hang flowers from the handle rails and the front bow.

House your firewood

Your vintage sleigh makes for a stellar firewood rack. Storing the chopped firewood on your sled is a great way to keep the logs off the ground and away from your home, as they should be kept for safety and pest control. After setting the sled in a nice spot, load on the firewood. Don't forget to keep a tarp and rope nearby to protect the logs during any rainfall.

Use it as a table

The sled's cargo bed can also be a tabletop. Put the wooden sleigh to use as extra counter space, a kid's table, or a nightstand. If your sled is too short, you can add a table base to raise its height and give yourself some leg room. These MITTBACK trestle table legs from IKEA for $60 match the rustic look of the vintage sled and can be stained to match your snow ride.

Meet your new bench

Instead of a table, let your sled be a nice place to rest. The wooden piece can also serve as a bench. You can use it indoors and out for the perfect rustic seating that doubles as vintage home decor. Place it in the entryway and leave your shoes tucked underneath, or make it a special chair in the family room. You can add a cushion and blanket to make the sled even more cozy.

DIY a rustic shelf

Decorative shelves are in style, and you can have the most stylish one with your vintage sled. All you need to do is anchor the snowmobile onto your wall and add the tiered ledges. If your sled already has bars at its side, you only need to cut a plywood board to size and slide it onto the sidebars. If your sled doesn't have those sections, you'll need to do the extra step of anchoring the added shelves with L-brackets. Once your floating sled is mounted, decorate it with anything from rolled towels to picture frames.

Fashion a bookcase

Turning your sled into a bookcase is similar to the shelf DIY. However, the bookcase won't be mounted on the wall — but free-standing. First, cut your pieces of plywood to fit across the sled and sit on its frames. Then, add in your shelf brackets. Next, prop the new furniture against the wall. You may need to cut and sand the bottom of the sled to even out the planks so it can stand level. Feel free to spray paint the sled before adding your trinkets.

Create a decorative rack

To close out our sled upcycles, we are turning the vintage sleigh ride into a decorative rack. Simply mount the sled onto your wall horizontally and drill a few J-wall hooks underneath the bottom tier. Then, add a wood plank on top of the handle rail to turn it into an extra shelf. Now, you can hang your keys, jackets, and leashes while leaving your mail on the little ledge.