DIY Decorative Lawn Mushrooms To Dress Up Your Yard With A Few Low-Cost Items

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There's space for décor to be used in every part of your home, whether inside or outside. You have the chance to spruce up ho-hum places with fun, decorative elements. We all love yard décor, but sometimes, they can take up too much space if you want to add multiple. Small embellishments can liven up the yard without overwhelming it, but buying too many can be expensive. However, you can DIY décor using low-cost items. For instance, decorative mushrooms have been seen everywhere. Folks have been loving mushroom décors so much that a TikToker DIYed a mushroom ottoman. They're a popular knickknack you can add anywhere. DIY plastic mushrooms with affordable materials and put them around your lawn for a pop of color.

DIYing decorative lawn mushrooms is extremely simple. TikTok user @sillylittleplants came up with the idea to use red bowls and beige cups she found at Walmart to create small mushrooms. She painted different-sized circles to give them the ultimate mushroom look. The results turned out incredibly realistic and adorable. While looking through Walmart's website, they didn't have the same materials the TikToker used, but we found some excellent alternatives. The total cost will vary depending on how many mushrooms you want to make; the TikToker DIYed four mushrooms. You'll need a few red bowls, which cost $2.48 each at Walmart, beige tumbler cups, costing $0.50 at Target, white paint, paintbrushes, E6000 glue, and enamel spray, which you can purchase at Walmart for $6.98.

DIYing your lawn mushrooms

Start by sanding the bottom of the cups and the inside of the bowls so that the glue adheres better to each item. Then, glue the bottom of the cup to the inside center of the bowl with E6000 glue to make a mushroom, as Tiktok user @sillylittlepaints did. Allow the glue to set for 24 hours. Once the glue is dry, paint white circles all over the top of the bowl in different sizes. You'll need to go over the white paint a couple of times so it's not translucent on the bowl. Let the paint dry for a few hours. Next, add the enamel spray paint to protect the paint and give the mushrooms a semi-glossy finish. Finally, put your mushrooms around your lawn. Set them up along a walkway, or near shrubs or flower beds to bring your outdoor space to life.

You can completely customize this DIY by painting the mushrooms a different color. For instance, if you love a whimsical, fairy garden aesthetic, buy blue bowls or paint clear bowls blue and add colorful spots. Then, paint the cups a different color, such as yellow, purple, pink, or orange. Or, buy clear cups and add battery-operated twinkle lights to light them up. Take them to the next level by gluing tiny plastic frogs or gnomes to the top of the mushroom. Michaels sells mini sitting frogs for $3.99, which creates the ultimate fairy garden aesthetic.