Everyday Items You Can Place On Your Door To Keep Your Home Safer

A working lock is vital so you can feel safe in your home, but knowing how to give yourself extra security is also important. That's where being aware of creative ways to secure your door comes in. If you live alone, you might want to have extra peace of mind, which can be given with these everyday household objects. It's also always a good idea to know what you can utilize to make a temporary space safer if you travel alone.

In addition, there may be situations when knowing how to lock your door without a lock is super handy. For example, if your lock breaks but you can't get someone to come and fix it until the next day, using one of the items below will offer a temporary sense of security. However, it's important to note that these safety hacks are not for long-term use. They should only be used in the above situations or to reinforce your security situation if you're in an unknown place you feel a little anxious in, like a hotel room.

A mug can alert you if someone tries to open the door

Whether you own just one mug or like to collect them, there's no denying that the common kitchen object is very handy to have around. However, using a mug for tea or coffee isn't the only way it can be used. By placing a mug on your door handle, you can create your very own security system for free. All you need to do is put the handle of your mug through the handle of your door. This way, if anyone does try to enter your home, the mug will make a noise and alert you to what is happening.

This hack is not a replacement for a proper lock and should only be used to make you feel more secure in addition to a regular lock. Plus, it may not be very effective if you're hard of hearing or your bedroom is far away from your front door, as it relies on you hearing the mug rattle or smash to work. We also recommend using a mug you're not that fond of in case anything does happen, as you don't want your favorite mug to be broken in the process.

A belt prevents an intruder from turning the door handle

This hack is a great way to repurpose an old belt and is also an easy way to add security. There are actually several different ways to tie a belt so it acts as a lock depending on the style of your door handle, but the following method is one of the simplest. It works best on doors with a lever-style handle. Simply wind the belt around the handle and then attach the other part of the belt to a solid object. This will prevent the handle from working properly if someone attempts to open it.

Note that you should not attach the other side of the belt to something that can't move, like an appliance. A chair or table leg is okay so long as they are made from a heavy material and won't move when pulled on. Additionally, if your door handle opens both up and down, you might want to add an extra belt just in case. Any belt should work in this case, but we recommend choosing one with a lot of stretch to ensure the trick works properly.

A fork works as a makeshift lock in a pinch

Unlike the other items on this list, using a fork to protect yourself may seem a little out of left field. However, this kitchen staple will help secure your door in a pinch. Bend the top of the fork (the sharp section) so it slots into the door latch. The rest of the fork should be between where the door ends and door frame begins. Opening your door, break the bottom section of the fork away from the sharp top section. Put the sharp section back where it was earlier in the latch and then shut the door. Take the bottom section of the fork and push it in-between the tines of the fork in the latch.

This will create an extra inconvenience if someone is trying to break in. As this hack takes more time, it's really only for when you're in a sticky situation without a lock at home. It's unlikely you'll have a fork to hand at a hotel, but you'll definitely have one at home that will tide you over until the locksmith can come out to fix your lock. Note that this hack is a bit tricky to pull off, so it's best to opt for another on this list if you don't feel confident about doing it correctly.

A rope can keep someone from pulling the door open

Similarly to how the belt trick works, this simple rope hack will help you to feel more secure. It's easy to carry out: tie one end of the rope tightly to the door handle and then attach the other half to an object. The object should be something sturdy that isn't likely to move or fall over, as this will defeat the purpose of the rope. It's important to ensure the rope is tied tightly with no give between the door handle and the object its tied to.

This hack is best for doors that open outwards, as it will stop a lever handle from being pulled down. Unlike a belt, it's less likely you'll have a rope casually lying around (unless you take a trip to the hardware store). Still, this trick is useful to know just in case you do run into issues with your lock and want the feeling of extra safety. If you do want to buy a rope, ensure it's a good length so it stretches to the item you're tying it to with ease.

A door wedge makes it hard to push the door open from outside

The easiest locking hack of them all, all you need for this one is a door wedge (also sometimes referred to as a door stop). It's likely that you'll already have a door wedge, usually utilized to prop doors open when you're in and out of a room or on a hot day. However, in this case, you can use it to stop a door from being forced open. Taking your wedge of choice, jam it as tightly as you can beneath the door. If someone is trying to get in the door the wedge is jammed against, it will take them longer to do this.

An important thing to note with this method is that it really only works if you have a door that opens inwards. The wedge won't stop the door from opening outwards. Nevertheless, it's still a good thing to know, as most hotel rooms will have a door wedge or something that can be used as one. If possible, choose a door stop that's crafted from wood, rubber, or metal for added sturdiness. We recommend using this trick in addition to locking your door, not in place of it. 

A chair can stop or slow someone from pushing the door open

This final hack is also very easy to pull off. If you have a choice, opt for a chair that is solid and sturdy, not one made from flimsy materials. Push the chair against the door as close as you can get it — the closer the better. Next, tilt the chair under the door knob or handle. Ensure that the chair is angled correctly and that it feels secure in its position. The aim is for the chair to become a barricade of sorts if someone attempts to open the door.

Using a chair to block a door is a good trick if you're feeling a bit uneasy when you're away from home, as, again, it's likely that most hotel rooms will have a chair. This hack will be more helpful if you can stack other heavy objects on the chair for added sturdiness. The heavier the chair, the more sturdy of a barricade it will be. While a chair won't necessarily stop a door from opening, it will slow down the process and give you an added feeling of safety.