TikTok's Viral Shoe Storage Tower Is A Game Changer For Cluttered Closets

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A cluttered closet can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to getting ready, especially when there's no organization in the space. Thankfully, a viral shoe storage tower shown on TikTok, known as the Weinstein, could help you get a little more organized. The rotating circular tower can eradicate any clutter that's littered across your floor and create more storage in your closet. With the Weinstein, your shoes have a home to go back to when you're done with them or even when you get a new sparkly pair. To try out this viral shoe storage tower, you'll first need to purchase it off Amazon for $269.69. 

Although this may feel a little pricey, you have to remember that this tower is quite large, coming in at 65 inches tall. So, you'll get plenty of shoe storage with this thing, up to 40 pairs in fact. You can easily rotate it around, so even if you place the unit in a corner to save space, you'll still be able to find the footwear you need. This also makes it easy for children to use, if necessary. In addition to all of these benefits, many users on TikTok seem to like the way it looks, so you don't have to worry about it being an eyesore in your home.  

Store your shoes and accessories

Once you have the Weinstein, you'll first need to construct it, which you can do by following the instructions. If you need to, ask for a helping hand to put it together. When you're done, simply find somewhere suitable in your closet to place it, whether that's pushed up against a wall, in a corner, or somewhere toward the center of a really large walk-in wardrobe. Next, gather up your shoes in pairs and slide them in each slot on the system how you want. There's the option to add some on top, too. 

However, you don't only have to use this unit for shoes. Instead, you could place a combination of items there from the midst of your clutter, such as folded piles of T-shirts, pajamas, and bags. You could even slot a handbag or two in there, especially if you have a lot of them making your space look untidy. Alternatively, display smaller accessories like sunglasses if you have a lot of them, or use it to store your jewelry, too. As long as it helps you clean up any mess in your closet, you know you've used it correctly!

Personalize your storage tower

Customize your shoe storage tower to make it look more personalized. One way to do this would be to measure out and add some stick-and-peel vinyl wallpaper onto the inside of the unit. A good option is this black floral pattern from Home Depot for $34.99 or this fruitier, brighter option for $45.00, again from Home Depot. While you can apply this on the inside, you could also cover the entire unit with it for an incredibly quirky and unique look that you likely wouldn't find anywhere else. 

If you want to keep it subtle and blend with the rest of your interior, you can always just stick to painting it. You'll need to sand it using 200 to 300 grit sandpaper and wipe it down with acetone before priming and painting with paint meant for use on plastic, as the Weinstein is made of PVC. Just make sure you research safety measures for sanding PVC and handling acetone if you want to try it out.  

If you want to make it functional during the evenings, invest in some puck or LED strip lights and add them to the tower, which should help to give a nice ambient lighting effect and make it easier to see your footwear in the dark. While this unit is undoubtedly useful, remember that you may find it challenging to lift alone, so you may need another person to help maneuver it. However, this will be highly down to the individual and their abilities. Now, you should be able to prevent clutter from accumulating in your home with ease.