Big Changes Are Coming To Bathroom Vanities In 2024 (And They're Showstopping)

Do you want to choose the perfect bathroom vanity in 2024, but can't decide on a style or color? Consider opting for wood over white, as wood vanities are trending in 2024. According to the 2023 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study, where around 2,000 homeowners were surveyed, 33% opted for wood vanities, 29% chose classic white, 13% went for gray, and 5% wanted blue. Thus, while clean white vanities are still popular, wood is the new top choice, so consider trying the wood look if you need a new vanity.

"While white continues to dominate as the most popular color for countertops and walls, this attraction to wood vanities connects to a larger move throughout the home away from cool grays and stark whites to warmer neutrals like beiges, creamy off-whites, and rich browns," Mitchell Parker, the senior editor for Houzz, told Better Homes & Gardens. Therefore, wood vanities are excellent for people who want a break from cold tones and prefer to embrace a warmer, more rustic, and earthy look.

Consider DIYing your new wood vanity

Anyone who enjoys DIY projects and wants a wood vanity may want to DIY the piece. DIY and interior design TikToker Mailey Elaine posted a video showing her process of DIYing a wood bathroom vanity for her mother. The TikToker first constructed the "cabinet carcass" — the starting point for the vanity's cabinets. Next, the DIYer added the bottom wood frame and legs, followed by incorporating trims. Then, the creator added the top of the vanity made of red oak board and added the drawers. When the DIY content creator completed the final vanity, installed it, and added the sink, the wood vanity looked showstopping.

On the other hand, TikToker @thegibbyhome created a simpler-looking wood bathroom vanity, spending under $30. Consisting of wood shelving pieces mounted to the wall, rather than a detailed and elaborate vanity, the final results looked minimalist and warm. So, a DIY wood vanity like this can be convenient for smaller and simpler bathrooms. Once you finish the project, you might want to also DIY an affordable vanity mirror.

Or check out these already-made wood bathroom vanities

DIY projects aren't for everyone, and trying to make a wood bathroom vanity yourself is never the only option. So, many retailers offer stylish options, such as the best-selling Martin Svensson Home Monterey 37-inch Wood Single Bathroom Vanity in natural brown. The pine wood vanity is available for $610.97 at Walmart, providing a warm and rustic vibe.

On the other hand, another best-selling option is the Alderson 24-inch to 30-inch Single Sink Vanity, selling for $607 at Pottery Barn. This pick is ideal for anyone who wants the wood look, but doesn't want to commit to full-on wood. The faux wood vanity is available in natural oak, weathered oak, and Belleair espresso, and features black hardware.

Or do you want to update your luxurious bathroom with a wood double vanity? Check out the OVE Decors Bailey 60-inch Driftwood Oak Undermount Double Sink Bathroom Vanity with a white quartz top, available for $2,329 at Lowe's.

Whether you DIY your wood bathroom vanity or buy an already-built option, the update will warm up your bathroom while making your home trendier in 2024.