Check Your Plumbing For Leaks With This Handy Essential Oil Trick

No one wants the smell of sewer gas wafting through the house. Not only does it stink like rotten eggs, but it's also a major red flag since long-term or high-level exposure can result in sewer gas poisoning. If you suspect a sewer gas leak in your plumbing or just want to be doubly sure that it's not an issue, some peppermint essential oil and hot water are all it takes to conduct a thorough check.

Sewer gas leaks can happen when vents or pipes are not installed correctly. They can also occur when pipes become cracked, if air vents are blocked, drains are clogged, etc. This can cause a nasty leak that could result in symptoms like irritation in the eyes and throat, as well as a poor sense of smell, seizures, and other unpleasant symptoms. A slight leak is probably not going to cause physical problems, but it's also not something you want to take chances with. Team up with a buddy and grab some peppermint oil to do this extremely important check that could very well impact the safety of your home.

This is how to use peppermint oil to check for sewer gas leaks

To check for sewer gas leaks in your home, you'll first need to pull together the necessary supplies, two ounces of extra-strength peppermint oil and 10 quarts/2.5 gallons of hot water. Close all of the doors and windows so that the peppermint smell doesn't come inside that way, for good measure. Locate the waste pipe, which is typically up on the roof. Take the peppermint oil and water up there very carefully, with the help of a friend. 

Next, take off the waste pipe cap and pour the peppermint oil into it. Then pour the hot water down the pipe nice and slowly. Replace the waste pipe cap, then head back down to solid ground. Send your helper friend inside to smell for leaks (you'll almost definitely have peppermint oil on your hands, which will corrupt the test). If your assistant smells anything pepperminty, that's a cause for concern and should be fixed promptly by either you or a professional. If not, pat yourself on the back for taking on a critical task, then mark it on the calendar for next year to be on the safe side.