Silence Your Noisy Bed & Protect Your Walls From Damage With A Clever Sock Hack

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Metal frames are often the unsung hero of the bedroom. They provide a layer of support for your mattress, and you can attach headboards and footboards to them, elevating your space. Unfortunately, these metal frames are also one of the most common ways you didn't know you were ruining your walls. That's right; every time they bump into your walls, you're running the risk of damaging the paint and drywall. Additionally, if you have shared walls, metal bedframes can disrupt neighbors with the slightest movement. Luckily, you can place socks on the headboard brackets, preventing these metal rails from banging against your walls. The best part about this helpful hack is that it's completely free if you have an old pair of socks lying around. 

Some metal frames have wheels and, if you have wooden floors, simply leaning against your bed can push the frame up against your wall. While these unsightly scuffs are behind your bed, if you're a renter — or simply want to rearrange your room — you'll have to repair any damage. To fix these gouges, you'll most likely have to fill them with some kind of spackle before sanding away the excess and repainting the area. Not only is this time-consuming, but it can be costly. Instead, add a pair of socks to your bed frame's headboard brackets and you'll instantly protect your walls.

Attach socks to metal frames and wooden slats

This hack works on metal bed frames and wooden slats alike. These slats are commonly on platform beds, but you might also find them on futons. Just like loud metal frames that bump and bang into walls, these slotted frames make their fair share of noise. For metal bedframes, take an old sock and place it over the metal headboard brackets. These metal brackets attach to the metal rails on either side of your bed frame and adding socks is a fast, affordable, and easy way to repair your squeaky bed.

If you have a platform bed, take some old socks and place them beneath the end of each wooden (or metal) slat for instant noise cancellation. If you don't have old socks but have gloves you no longer need, feel free to use them instead. In theory, any piece of fabric would work, which means you could even cut an old T-shirt into strips and tie them around any noisy parts of your bed frame. Should you need socks for this project, you can purchase a 12-pack on Amazon for $9.89 at the time of writing. If your socks fall off or slide around, you can secure them in place with a rubber band or hair tie.