The One-Wall Laundry Room Solution That's Perfect For Small Spaces

When living in a small home, there are times when you have to use a single room as a multi-functional space for a few things. Homeowners sometimes use a room for laundry and extra pantry storage. You have to get creative when trying to maximize storage space in your home. However, coming up with different ways to use a single room can be challenging because there aren't many combinations you can come up with that will always work together. Instead, think outside the box and try to use single walls for necessities, like a laundry room. TikTok user @thebrainandthebrawn came up with a genius one-wall laundry room that holds their washer and dryer and works as a functional space where you can store dirty laundry and baskets.

Standard laundry rooms are often designed on a single wall. The washer and dryer are always sitting next to each other unless it's a stackable unit, and folks will add cabinetry above the units to put their laundry cleaning essentials. Larger laundry rooms can include wrap-around countertops and lower cabinetry to fold laundry and store linens and towels. Yet, you can get away with creating a one-wall laundry room in smaller spaces. All you need is the perfect layout and materials. Easily transform a vacant wall in your hallway or an empty room, or repurpose a closet into a simple laundry space.

Ways to set up your one-wall laundry room

The best thing about the one-wall laundry room solution is you can customize the setup to fit your space perfectly. TikTok user @thebrainandthebrawn created her laundry room layout by using deep drawers as the base and stacking sliding drawers to hold baskets. Then, she added the washer, dryer, and a set of open shelving to store her baskets. The system works because the deep drawers can hold dirty laundry, which frees up space in your closet, bedroom, or anywhere you store your laundry baskets. You don't have to lug the baskets from room to room when throwing laundry in the washer. In addition, the pull-out drawers are multi-functional; use them to hold your baskets and fold your laundry.

Of course, the TikToker's setup will work if you have the same-sized wall. However, if you have low ceilings, you can incorporate deep drawers for your dirty laundry or open shelving to organize your laundry room essentials. Instead of including deep drawers, stack multiple floating shelves over the washer and dryer. Add a butcher block surface on top of your washer and dryer to use as a folding station and resting area for your baskets. Further, if you have a tiny bit of space between your dryer and the wall, adding a narrow drawer will provide extra storage. Once you figure out a layout for your wall, you can start decorating it to fit the home's interior.

Decorating your single-wall laundry room

Designing and building your one-wall laundry room means you have another area to decorate in your house, which is the most thrilling part of the process. You can paint exposed areas or add a backsplash between floating shelves. Plus, you get to shop for new décor and laundry baskets for your space. If you're using a wall in a small, empty room, swap out the flooring for attractive tile to make the room stand out. For instance, a farmhouse interior would benefit from penny tiles with an exciting message such as "fresh" or "clean." Or, opt for an attractive, contrasting tile like ceramic mosaic tile. Then, keep the walls simple with a complementary splash of color. Pastels always look striking in a farmhouse interior room. Pair sage green with gray or sky blue tones.

On the other hand, if you're using an entire wall where you don't have much room to decorate, you can incorporate color in the materials you purchase, like the shelves or drawers. Choose solid plywood for your shelves or cabinetry and paint them a bold color that complements the rest of your interior. Or, if you include deep drawers, paint the drawers' faces to elevate their look, as shown by YouTuber @Anika'sDIYLife. It makes the overall space look more interesting. Then, you can include laundry décor through wall art, baskets, and plants. Create the laundry room of your dreams on a single wall to make laundry days easier.