The Genius Storage Trick That Will Bring Order To Your Chaotic Laundry Room

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The laundry room can be one of the most chaotic areas in the home, especially when you have a small space. It's common to hastily stash items into cabinets or baskets. However, this can lead to clutter, particularly with smaller items, which then become difficult to find. A practical solution to this problem is employing a lazy susan organizer, which can significantly help organize your laundry room. Reaching for something on a high or deep shelf becomes a breeze with a lazy susan.

While larger laundry products may not fit on a lazy susan due to their size and are better stored in bins and containers, a lazy susan is ideal for managing small, miscellaneous items. For instance, they are an excellent option for neatly organizing items like essential oils, dryer balls, cleaner refills, and cleaning tabs. These smaller items are well-suited for the compact and rotating design of a lazy susan. Additionally, using a lazy susan can help protect cabinetry from potential damage caused by leaks, as it confines any spillage to a limited area that is easier to clean and maintain.

How to utilize a lazy susan in your laundry room

Deciding where to place your lazy susan in the laundry room largely depends on the room's layout. However, it's generally best not to put it on surfaces you use for folding clothes, as this can clutter valuable workspace. A more effective location is on higher shelves. With a lazy susan on a top shelf, you won't need to tiptoe or use a stool to see the entirety of your cabinet just to find what you're looking for. Place the lazy susan in front and rotate it; this lets you scan through the items with just a turn so you can find what you need or replenish stocks. It's also useful to position it in easily accessible areas for quick access to items that you frequently use.

To enhance organization further, consider using a lazy susan with dividers, which allow you to categorize items. Some lazy susan organizers even feature detachable sections (like this one, available on Amazon at $29.99), making it convenient to pull out just the section you need. This can greatly streamline the process of finding and using various laundry supplies. Aside from your laundry room, lazy susans are also a kitchen's best friend (and a prime place to use them)!