Keep Your Footwear Organized With Pinterest's Clever Storage Idea

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How many times have you been victimized by a faulty shoe organizer? Or worse, you have a shopping addiction that always leaves you with too many shoes and not enough space. This is a judgment-free zone — we get it. If you're ready to stray away from even the best shoe storage benches, we're here with a solution. Two words: Curtain. Rods. To put this Pinterest-approved hack from Posh Pennies into action specifically for your heeled shoes, simply remove the ends of your curtain rod and apply tapered ends for easy hanging (if it doesn't already come that way). Use two to four nails on either end and perform a quick weight test before hanging your shoes. Once it feels sturdy, voila! Beyond being an excellent decor statement, this concept is great for anyone wanting to show off and properly store their new shoes.

We recommend grabbing rods that match your aesthetic, as the color and texture will be visible. If you're searching to make this DIY hack a bit more affordable, this simple option from Target is a great buy. The sleek gray blends into any space and is a bit easier to paint if you want to switch colors down the line. If you're looking to splurge, we recommend this lacquered brass choice from Rejuvenation. The color and texture just scream "Fancy shoes live right here."

Other Pinterest-approved hacks for all types of shoes

We have a few more options for you — no need to wait for a home renovation. First, let's organize: Research local donation centers or have a garage sale. Even start keeping a trash bag in your closet to help with clutter. 

Want to create more storage organically? Wall shelves or ladder shelves are a simple option that aids any aesthetic while helping small spaces look larger — and giving you a place to store any kind of shoe, not just high heels. This DIY hack can be made possible with a quick trip to any hardware store, or with a few nails and slabs of wood (or your preferred material) to create something that feels a bit more personal to your child's bedroom, living room, or garage. PVC pipes are also a unique take. Find a few that match your aesthetic at Home Depot and cut the pipe with a hacksaw into 10 12-inch pieces. Wash the pipe sections thoroughly, then sand each piece down. Afterward, paint or attach a wallpaper to make your pipes match your home. Now, enjoy your gorgeous display.

For someone wanting to make a statement, shoe cabinets are it. Though usually a bit more of an expensive option (or a lucky find at a thrift store), this style of cabinet allows your shoes to sit on a pedestal behind a clear glass panel. Some stellar options include this Bar Cabinet from Wayfair or RUDSTA Glass-door Cabinet from IKEA. Finally, no more feeling guilty for buying another pair of shoes. Happy shopping!