Run Out Of Vacuum Cleaner Bags? This Helpful Tip Will Save The Day In A Pinch

For those with vacuum cleaners that use bags to hold all the dirt and dust sucked up while cleaning, it can be frustrating to run out of new bags. With many models, the bags are often made of a paper that is designed to be thrown away once the bag is full. If your carpets and floors are extremely dirty and you've discovered you need to change your vacuum bag and have no replacements, there may still be a way to use your vacuum. By carefully opening the bag, emptying it, and knocking out any dust caught in the paper, you will be able to reuse it.

While you might be able to reuse an old vacuum cleaner bag when you don't have another option, this is not a good method to implement long term. Reusing the same bag over and over could cause issues with the vacuum itself or leave your floors and air filled with particles of dust. If you hate throwing away the bags, some companies make bags that are designed to be reused, but they might only work in specific vacuum models.

How to reuse a vacuum cleaner bag

To start, remove the full bag from your machine. Paper bags will generally have folds along the bottom. Slowly undo the folds until you come to the end of the bag, and gently open the part that is glued together. Use caution when undoing the bag to avoid ripping the paper and creating more openings. Once it's open, empty it over a trash can, or take it outside to shake out the debris. The paper these bags are made of is meant to trap dust, and it will often be stuck within the fibers, which is why it's important to get as much of it out as possible.

When it's as clean as possible, fold the bottom of the bag back to the way it was before. It can then be held together with small spring clips or staples. Put the bag into the machine again, and give your floors a quick cleaning.

How reusing a vacuum cleaner bag can be harmful

Since the paper material is similar to a filter, it is often difficult to remove the dust that gets stuck in the paper itself, especially since they are meant to be single-use. This excess dust can make it harder for your vacuum to function properly, meaning it may not clean as well and could put additional stress on the machine's motor. The dust may also fall out of the bag and end up in the motor. Consistently reusing bags could result in you unintentionally harming your vacuum cleaner, forcing you to buy a replacement sooner than expected.

Even if you shake out the bag thoroughly, it's nearly unavoidable that dust and other allergens will remain stuck to the paper material. When you run the vacuum, this debris will likely end up in the air in your home. This will worsen the air quality and could potentially just spread old dirt around your space. While reusing a vacuum cleaner bag can be helpful in a pinch, it's not the best choice for regular cleaning.