The Ironing Board Hack That'll Save Your Back When Working Under The Sink

When you're trying to repair a plumbing issue under your sink, it can feel like you're stuck between a rock and a hard place — or a cabinet ledge and a leaky pipe. Laying down and looking up will allow you to see clearly, but it can get uncomfortable fast, especially if the bottom edge of the cabinet is digging into your back. Laying in this position for extended periods can even lead to injuries like muscle strains or herniated discs! If you were a professional plumber or an automobile mechanic shop, you might have a creeper on hand, a low-lying, wheeled board that allows you to comfortably lie on your back while working on projects. But that doesn't mean you can't attempt these plumbing projects unless you're a professional. There's no need to buy this special equipment for one small plumbing fix, especially if you have an ironing board in your home.

A clever TikTok hack shared by creators Jeff and Liz (@dailyoriginalvids) shows how you can use a basic ironing board to support your back and get that plumbing project done quickly. You'll just have to convert the ironing board into a makeshift mechanic creeper that'll save your spine in a pinch, and follow a few tips to adapt the hack to suit your unique needs. 

Keep your back straight as a board

To try the TikTok hack for yourself, close the legs of the ironing board so that it flattens completely, then lay it down on the floor perpendicular to your sink. Prop up one end of the ironing board on the ledge, creating an angled surface. You can now lie down on the ironing board to get a better view of the pipes, diagnose common reasons why your sink is leaking, and fix the plumbing without hurting your back! This hack may require some adjustment to position your body where you need to be, but it's a smart idea overall.

Note that ironing boards usually have a maximum weight limit of about 40 pounds, but many can only support about 15 to 20 pounds. Of course, this weight limit applies to the legs being extended during normal use. When the board is flattened, it can likely hold more weight, as evidenced in @dailyoriginalvids' post. However, those with higher weights may still find the hack uncomfortable or risk warping the ironing board beneath them. For extra support, add a piece of 4x4 wood post under the middle of the ironing board. You can purchase one from The Home Improvement Outlet for $10.44 at the time of writing, or else use something of similar size and sturdiness that you have at home. If the board isn't padded enough, you can lay a towel or two over it first before laying down; just be careful not to fall asleep!