TikTok Shows Off A Space-Saving Feature Your Dishwasher May Have

The dishwasher is an essential kitchen appliance for many reasons, not least for saving you time on washing the dishes by hand. However, sometimes not all dishes fit in the upper and lower trays, which is where this space-saving trick comes in. Courtesy of TikTok, this hack involving a function that could already be included in your dishwasher is about to make your life a whole lot easier.  

Overloading your dishwasher is bad, but it's just as bad for energy efficiency to leave it half empty. Awkwardly shaped items can make it tricky to use the space efficiently, which is another reason why this hack is so useful. Not only is it a way to use your dishwasher better, but switching up where you put your cutlery basket will also make loading it a much easier process. You won't have any dishes left over that need to be washed in the sink, meaning your kitchen will look tidier than ever. Plus, as this discovery doesn't require any extra tools, and you can find out if it's applicable to your dishwasher immediately.

Make space for extra dishes without needing to buy anything else


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As demonstrated in the above TikTok, some dishwashers have a useful function where you can remove the basket for cutlery from its usual place. This will then free up space for extra plates and bowls to be added, allowing you to put more dishes in per cycle. The best part about this hack is that you don't need to leave the cutlery out, either. Some dishwashers have an in-built section near the base of the door where you can neatly slot the cutlery basket. The dishwasher can then be put on as usual. 

As mentioned, not all dishwashers have this feature. If your cutlery basket is screwed into the dishwasher and isn't easy to get out, don't force it, as you could end up breaking something. Additionally, you'll need to be extra safe when loading silverware into your dishwasher and when unloading. Because the cutlery (including sharp knives) is now against the door, you could hurt yourself if you don't pay proper attention or open the door too quickly. However, this shouldn't be an issue if you open the door slowly and unload the cutlery first.