The Simple Solution To Keeping Those Stubborn Cabinet Doors Shut

Because they are opened and closed multiple times and day, cabinets take a lot of wear. Over time, heavy use can lead to problems with cabinet doors staying closed. This is especially a problem with older wooden kitchen cabinets that may be damaged or possibly weren't as well-made as newer models. Because cabinets keep items out of sight, it's crucial that they stay fully closed to hide the mess. If your kitchen or bathroom cabinet doors won't stay fully closed, the whole space may appear untidy. Aside from just looking neater, you also want your cabinet doors to remain closed so your important kitchen and bath items don't fall on the floor and break. 

Want to ensure that your items are properly contained and keep your kitchen and bathroom looking nice? TikTok user @pinkcurlsnheels has an effective, affordable solution for pesky cabinet doors that won't stay closed. In the video, she shows how to keep cabinet doors closed using only Command strips, which she applies to both the door and the inside of the cabinet. This is an easy way to fix this pesky problem. Further, a commenter on her video who tried the hack says that it really works, so it's probably worth a try. 

How to keep cabinet doors shut

To keep your cabinet doors shut using the TikTok hack, pick up some large Command hanging strips. You can purchase a pack of these from Walmart for less than $20. Choose the ones that have Velcro on them rather than the ones that have sticky glue. Tear off one tab and cut it in half vertically down the middle. Make sure you use sharp scissors to cut the strips, otherwise it will be difficult. After removing the backing, grab one Command strip and firmly press it into place on the cabinet frame. Take the other side of the Command strip and fix it directly to the door. Make sure the two strips are completely lined up and will meet when the door closes. The door should now stay firmly closed! 

Command strips are great for keeping cabinet doors closed because they hold securely and won't damage the cabinets when removed. Here's another benefit — Command strips are also great for baby-proofing your kitchen cabinets. When placed on lower cabinet doors, they are strong enough to keep little ones out of the cabinets but still allow parents to open the doors. 

Other tips and tricks

This is not a permanent solution, so you'll need to replace the Command strips every couple of years. It should be easy to remove the strips, and they won't damage the frame when you take them off, so that is one less thing that you will have to worry about! When installing the strips, make sure you place them close to the door knob or handle. If you attach them to another part of the door, it may be harder to open the cabinet. Further, it's best to place them where they can't be seen when the door is closed to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your space.

However, what if this TikTok hack doesn't work for you? Maybe your doors aren't closing completely because of another problem. One common issue is the accumulation of dirt and grime in the hinges, which can occur naturally over time. To fix this issue, start by removing the screws from the hinges, then remove the hinges from your cabinet. Place the hinges in a soapy bucket of water. After they're cleaned thoroughly and dried, reinstall them on the door, making sure to tighten the screws well. Having rusty hinges on the door can also interfere with closing. If the hinges have a significant amount of rust, they may need to be replaced completely.