The Dollar Tree Water Bottle Storage Hack You Need For Clutter-Free Cabinets

Whether you have a large family or just like to cycle through water bottles, there's no doubt that keeping one or two in your cupboard is a must. From taking one out when you're running errands to staying hydrated at the gym, a water bottle is an easy way to ensure you're drinking enough water every day. However, storing water bottles isn't quite as easy. That's where this handy storage hack comes in.

Many types of water bottles have the kind of base where they topple over if put in a cupboard the regular way, which can then knock other items over and make a mess in your cabinets. To beat kitchen cabinet clutter, all you need is a magazine file or a book bin like this colorful plastic pack of four from Dollar Tree. Simple and affordable yet super effective, not only does this hack mean your water bottles stay in place but you'll also never lose one again when rotating between them. 

Have easy access to your bottles while keeping your cupbboards tidy

Take your magazine file of choice, and put it as far in the corner of your cupboard as possible so that it doesn't take up much space. Then, all you have to do is stack your water bottles on top of each other. Make sure you stack horizontally instead of vertically, as this will help you fit in more bottles (unless your bottles have a slim and wide shape, in which case put them side by side). Not only is this hack great for organizing your kitchen cupboards but it also lets you see which bottles you have so you can pull out the one you want without fuss.

This magazine file storage trick is great overall, but there are a couple of things you should keep in mind. Firstly, a file made from cardboard will probably be too flimsy to hold multiple bottles, not to mention that any leftover water could cause the cardboard to crumple. We recommend opting for a binder made from plastic. Secondly, consider its appearance. You don't have to buy the file from Dollar Tree, but places like the popular budget store are most likely to have affordable products. However, there probably aren't that many designs to choose from, so you may have to look elsewhere if you want a specific style to match your kitchen.