Utilize Every Inch Of Cabinet Storage Space With These Genius Hacks

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If you feel like you're constantly running out of storage space, you're not alone. While you can buy more shelves, cupboards, and other storage units, these eat into your free wall and floor space. A better alternative? Make sure you're using your cabinets to their full potential. This is easier said than done. Of course, it's easy to fill a cabinet by stuffing items to the back or stacking them on top of each other. But if you can't reach items easily, are you really utilizing your space well? We think not. To help, we've rounded up some ideas to help you use every inch of your cabinet storage space, whether that's in the kitchen or the utility room.

These hacks help you take advantage of vertical space and the full cabinet depth, two important factors to filling your cabinets effectively. While maximizing storage area is important, these ideas don't only revolve around fitting more in your cupboards. We also focus on organization, so you can use cabinets to their full potential. With the storage and organization hacks ahead, you can make better use of your cabinet space.

Under-shelf organizers are a must-have

Under-shelf baskets slide onto the shelf above and have a bin hanging underneath to take advantage of under-utilized storage space. They come in a variety of designs and sizes so you can find an option for any cabinet in your home. The Simple Houseware Under Shelf Basket ($14.87 on Amazon) is a basic option, while the mDesign Hanging Pullout Drawer ($32.99 on Amazon) has a convenient drawer. The Joseph Joseph Spice Rack Organizer ($16.99 on Amazon) is a good option for keeping seasonings easy to locate. To add shelving space and a hanging rod under the entire cabinet, you can try the Yamazaki Under-Shelf Spice Rack, which costs $36 from West Elm.

Shelf raisers are another necessity

It may sound a bit obvious, but don't overlook this simple solution. Shelf raisers are another product that lets you take advantage of vertical cabinet space. Don't just grab plain ones though; there are expandable and stackable ones that are much better options since they can adjust to your changing needs. Shelf raisers can be useful in any cabinet, in the kitchen, bathroom, workshop, and more. The Amazon Basics Kitchen Storage Shelves includes two stackable shelves and costs just $14.99 on Amazon. The Smart Design Expandable Storage Rack ($29.99 on Amazon) and Deco Brothers Expandable Cabinet Shelf Organizer ($17.87 on Amazon) are expandable options.

Adjust shelves accordingly

Adjusting your cabinet shelves is one of the best ways to take full advantage of your space. This photo shows one example of how to do so, with the middle shelf adjusted perfectly to fit a collection of mugs. Many kitchen cabinets have adjustable shelves; look for small holes that let you move the shelf pins up and down. Or, you can add a new shelf altogether if that works best for your space. Don't have a hole in the exact spot you want? You can drill your own with an electric drill. Use a shelf pin bit (like the Milescraft 5 mm ShelfPin Bit for $8.99 from The Home Depot) to ensure you don't drill too deep.

Pull-out organizer products can really help you take advantage of the full cabinet depth

Pull-out kitchen shelves are an excellent option to take full advantage of your cabinet space. It doesn't necessarily increase space, but it makes your cabinets so much easier to use — no more pulling out a bunch of items to reach the back. The Slide-A-Shelf Slide-Out Shelf from The Home Depot comes in various sizes (and can be customized). Pull-out shelves are the most well-known pull-out option, but there are other products that let you use your entire cabinet depth. One example is the Cabinet Caddy Sliding Spice Rack Organizer, a slide-out spice rack that costs $32.99 on Amazon.

Make a hanging pull-out organizer for pots and pans

Storing pots and pans can be a real pain; they're large, irregularly shaped, and heavy. Instead of rifling through a stack of cookware every time you need to cook, build a hanging pull-out organizer. This video from @organizedandsimplified4u shows how to do so with a drawer slide (like this Everbilt 14 in. Drawer Slide for $17.93 from The Home Depot). Just keep in mind that since these are made for drawers, they might not be suitable for holding very heavy cookware. This DIY is a suitable pick for lighter pots and pans and a few accessories, rather than your collection of cast iron pans.

Use plate holders to store items vertically

You may have come across this hack before, but it's worth repeating because it's just so practical. Plate holders are useful for storing bulky items vertically, and they're affordable too. For example you can grab the Ostbit plate holder from IKEA for $5.99. Pot and pan lids are a great option to store in a plate holder since they take up a lot of space when they're scattered in a drawer. Slim pans may fit some holders, as well as cutting boards, pizza trays, baking sheets, and other thin-enough items (including stuff outside the kitchen!).

Take advantage of lazy Susan organizers

Lazy Susan organizers are another product that lets you reach items in the back of a cabinet, without needing to dig around. They're fabulous if you tend to forget about those bits and bobs in the back of your cupboards. They come in various sizes, including options with non-slip surfaces, dividers, and tiers. Unlike pull-out shelves, these organizers don't require any installation, so they're perfect for renters. However, they do waste a bit of space around their curves, so pull-out shelves are better if you want to use every inch of space.

Use a plastic bag holder to store other grab-and-go items

Use the space inside of cabinet doors to add more storage area. One way to do so is to use a plastic bag holder. Of course, you can use one to store plastic bags in a kitchen cupboard. But you can also use it to store other small and flexible items that might just take up bulky space in a cabinet or drawer. For example, dish towels, cleaning cloths, socks, and more. This video from @interiorundco shows the popular Variera plastic bag dispenser for $3.99 from IKEA. Or, for tight cupboards, choose a flexible option like the Plastic Bag Holder for $6.99 on Amazon.

Decant items into smaller bins and containers

Cardboard packaging can take up a fair amount of space. If you really need to maximize your cabinet area, take items out of their packaging and re-pack them more compactly. This video from @nottheworstcleaner shows just how much space you can save in the pantry, but this hack works for a range of items beyond the kitchen. For example, if you have a half-full box of laundry powder in the cleaning cabinet or half-full box of nails in a workshop cabinet, transfer it to a smaller bin to save space.

Max out corner cupboard space with the right bins

If you have a lazy Susan corner cabinet, you might feel like there's a fair amount of wasted space. These shelves usually have a low lip, making it hard to stack items. Use wedge-shaped bins to fill out the space and make it possible to stack items higher. Some options include the iDesign Plastic Lazy Susan Cabinet Storage Bin ($51.89 on Amazon), which comes in a ¼ and ⅛ wedge design. The mDesign Wire Basket for Corner Cabinet ($31.99 on Amazon) is made from wire mesh, so it's a better idea for storing produce.

Stackable organizers let you store items upwards with ease

As we've mentioned, taking advantage of vertical space is one of the best ways to completely fill cabinets. To keep items neat and organized, reach for stackable organizers. These come in open and closed types. The former is easier to access, and some options like the Husky 12 in. Stackable Storage Bin ($4.97 from The Home Depot) have an open front design so you can reach right in. Choose a box with a lid if you want to better secure and conceal its contents. The Kuggis box with lid costs $11.99 from IKEA and is a sleek looking choice.

Store water bottles sideways

Water bottles will take up less space and also be easier to grab if you store them sideways. This way, you can see all your bottles at once and grab your favorites without having to rifle through the others. There are designated water bottle holder products, like this Water Bottle Holder for $13.99 on Amazon. Look for a stackable choice if you buy one new. But you can also use a wine rack if you have one lying around (it's also a more stylish option).

Repurpose a shoe rack into a cabinet organizer

If you have extra spacious utility or workshop cabinets, you might be looking for a bigger storage helper. In that case, it might make more sense to reach for a shoe rack. It's another way to take advantage of vertical space, with something you might already have lying around. Depending on where you shop, it's also a larger and sometimes cheaper alternative to shelf raisers. For example, the Grejig shoe rack from IKEA costs just $4.99 and is stackable.

Install a pegboard inside a cabinet

Installing a pegboard is a popular storage solution if you have empty wall space. Why not try it in the cabinet as well? Whether it's along the back wall, sidewall, or inside the cabinet door, this is another hack that really takes advantage of vertical space. There are all kinds of hooks, bars, and bins that allow you to store a huge variety of small items on a pegboard, whether that's cookware, tools, or cleaning supplies. These only tend to stick out a few inches from the pegboard, so you'll still have plenty of usable shelf space in the cabinet as well.

Condense an overflowing games cabinet

If family game night is a big deal in your house, you might have a dedicated games cabinet. If you love a variety of games, it's probably overflowing. This hack is for those who aren't attached to their game boxes. Get rid of the clunky box and store all of the game pieces in large reusable silicone pouches or containers. It's all about making things more compact with this hack, so choose an option that fits all the game pieces, but doesn't have all that empty space that the original boxes tend to have.

Command hooks inside a cabinet door provides a hanging spot for a range of items

This is another hack that's so simple, it's easy to overlook. Make use of peel-and-stick hooks, mounting them inside a cabinet door or even along cabinet walls to provide a hanging spot for a range of items. However, this hack from @livecomposed shows another creative option. You can use a few strategically-placed Command hooks as a holder for pot and pan lids.

Use Command hooks to mount saran wrap, aluminum foil, and other items

Mount saran wrap, aluminum foil, parchment paper, and other kitchen items wrapped around a rod using Command hooks and a wooden dowel. It saves you from having to rifle through a drawer to find each product. Instead, try this quick DIY and attach each one separately to the inside of a cabinet door. Make sure to keep them inside the box, which has the cutting edge. A sliding cutter is best; it's easier to use than a serrated cutting edge when the box is mounted to the wall.

Take advantage of interior cabinet door space with peel-and-stick organizers

One of the best ways to take advantage of cabinet door space is with peel-and-stick organizers. They're more versatile than hooks, but just as easy to install and remove. Since they have a bin, they can keep smaller bits and bobs contained that aren't possible to hang. The Command Caddy costs $6.99 on Amazon and is a highly-rated option from a trusted brand. Or, opt for a wire basket (which allows for more air flow in damp areas), like the LeleCAT Hanging Kitchen Baskets, costing $15.99 on Amazon.

Over-the-door organizers are also an option

Peel-and-stick organizers are convenient, but they have a weight limit, not to mention, faulty stickies can leave damage behind. Another alternative is over-the-door cabinet organizer. These can hold heavier items like cleaning product bottles and bottles or boxes of detergent. They range in size and function too. The Home Basics Over the Cabinet Plastic Organizer ($19.13 on Amazon) is small to store sponges and brushes, while the Simple Houseware Over Cabinet Door Organizer ($16.87 on Amazon) will take up most of the cabinet door to store baking trays and cutting boards.

Or install a permanent cabinet door organizer, if possible

If possible, permanently mount an organizer to the inside of cabinet doors. Using nails or screws offers much better security than the previous options. They'll support the weight of anything that fits in them, and many look nicer too, so it's worthwhile if you plan to use this storage for decades. The Rev-A-Shelf Door Mount Cabinet Storage Organizer is a little pricier at $61.36 from The Home Depot, but it's made of wood and looks nicer than plastic or metal mesh bins.

Use tension rods to their full potential

There's a lot you can do with a few tension rods in your cabinet. They're an excellent accessory for separating the cabinet into sections. One practical example is shown here, using tension rods to create separation between bottles, cans, and snacks. Tension rods are affordable too. Just make sure you shop the right size for your cabinets. For example, a curtain tension rod will likely be too long, but an option like the Aizesi Spring Tension Rod ($8.09 on Amazon) extends from 16 to 28 inches so it's likely to fit in most cabinets.

It's easy to hang items from wire shelves

If you have wire shelves in your cabinet, you already have an easy built-in storage system. All you need to do is add hooks! Using S-hooks, you can hang a variety of items from the bottom of a wire shelf. Add baskets as well for even more versatility. A hanging fruit basket, like the SnugLife Macrame 3 Tier Hanging Basket ($29.99 on Amazon) provides a spot to place fruits and veggies. Following along the lines of this video from @livecomposed, another option is to grab boot hangers (like these boot hangers for $5.99 on Amazon) to clip onto packaging.

Make cubbies using boxes or bags

It's so easy to accumulate boxes and bags. If you have a few similar small bags and boxes, turn them into useful organizing cubbies. Attach them to each other using glue or tape to create rows of cubbies. You can keep the finished project upright as a simple organizer, or place it on its side (like in this example photo), to create open cubbies. For the latter idea, opt for stiffer boxes that can support the weight of the items you plan to store.

Make a DIY cabinet for the bathroom counter

Build an impressive DIY bathroom cabinet with a few planks of wood and some woodworking know-how. This is a great idea if you want an cabinet option that looks built-in but is renter-friendly. It's not necessary to install it to the wall, though you do want to anchor it for safety. Don't want to build your own? You can grab a small bathroom cabinet to place on your countertop, like the James Martin Vanities Addison Linen Cabinet for $835 from Wayfair.

Mount a cork, magnet, or white board inside a cabinet door

If you're fine on storage space, lucky you. It's still possible to make use of cabinet doors! Instead of installing storage, mount a board inside the door. Choose from cork, magnet, chalkboards, or whiteboards depending on your preferences and needs. Do you want to do a lot of note-taking and list-making? Or do you want a spot to pin precious photos and notes? You can also go the same route as @adriennewattsart, and install a couple different types of boards.

Don't forget to use the outside of cabinets

We've talked a lot about maximizing the space inside cabinets, but the outside surfaces can be just as useful. If you have an empty space on the cabinet exterior, you can use many of the previous hacks to add more storage. Hooks, organizers, pegboards, and more (whether peel-and-stick or screw-mounted) can all be installed on the outside of your cabinets. This example shows a peel-and-stick towel holder, similar to the Command Hand Towel Bar which costs $15.88 on Amazon.

Add a whiteboard or cork board to the empty side of a cabinet

Of course, you can also install a board to the outside of a cabinet. We love this hack since the side of a kitchen cabinet is the perfect spot for a household command center. With the installation of a hidden corkboard, it doesn't have to be an eyesore either. You can also use a magnet, whiteboard, or chalkboard for this DIY project. If you have floor-to-ceiling cabinets, consider mounting the board lower (or installing a couple of them) if you want little ones to be able to reach it.