The Genius Toilet Paper Storage Solution That Comes From A Dollar Tree Must-Have

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Toilet paper storage is tricky. While it might seem as simple as keeping spare toilet paper rolls in your bathroom cabinet and calling it a day, there are more logistics to keep in mind. For example, not everyone has a sprawling primary bathroom, which makes storage difficult to achieve. If you're working with limited square footage in your main washroom, then you might be stashing your rolls in a nearby closet or pantry and only keeping a few handy in the actual bathroom. But even if that is the case, it can be difficult to find ways to store those backup rolls. Luckily, TikTok might have solved that dilemma. Rather than stacking a few loose rolls in your bathroom vanity, which gets in the way of other items behind them, try this genius toilet paper storage solution that comes from Dollar Tree. All you need to do is convert a paper towel holder into a toilet paper holder. 

This is a great hack to try because it's low-cost and low-fuss. The paper towel holder only costs $1.25, making it worth the experiment. And if you don't have a Dollar Tree nearby (or just don't feel like driving to one), you can also get it on its website for the same price, plus shipping. This hack also requires no tools, making it an ideal DIY for all skill levels. Here's how to transform a paper towel holder into smart bathroom storage. 

How to convert a paper towel holder into toilet paper storage

Repurposing a paper towel holder into toilet paper storage is easy. All you need to do is buy the holder, find a good spot in your bathroom, and then stack your rolls on it. It should fit about three rolls, making it just the right size. The aim here isn't to store all of the paper you have but to create an organized display of spare rolls nearby for whenever they're needed. This keeps things organized and convenient for you and your guests.

Put it on the floor next to the toilet, on top of a floating shelf where it's easy to spot, or on the corner of your vanity countertop if it's wide enough. You can store it inside of your bathroom vanity if you prefer to keep it out of sight (and away from accumulating dust.) If you choose the latter, this towel holder hack will help keep loose rolls together, making it easier to move around when digging for something deeper in the cabinet.

Small tweaks to try

If you display your rolls in plain sight, you might find that the holder is a bit flimsy and might tip over now and again. If you want to avoid that, there are several solutions. For instance, if you're displaying it on a shelf or surface that's not the floor, you can use Museum Gel to adhere it to the surface. This is a clear, sticky putty that safely attaches decor or small objects to surfaces without ruining the paint or finish. You can get a tub of this gel on Amazon for $11.46. You can also use it on the floor, but dust and hair might accumulate on some of the adhesive. In any case, you likely won't want the holder stuck to the floor; it would make mopping and cleaning around it inconvenient.

If you want to customize the holder, you can also try spray painting it any color you'd like. If you gravitate toward bright colors or eye-catching decor, try spray painting the paper towel holder a fun shade, like a bright sky blue. If you have a more bohemian or neutral vibe, a terra cotta color will help it blend right in with your motif. If you want it to be more inconspicuous, try a nice cream. Simply spray paint the piece outside (or in a room with ample ventilation) and then seal the paint with a clear acrylic sealer spray, such as the Mod Podge sealer, available on Amazon for $10.18.