The Unfortunate Color Choice From Extreme Makeover: Home Edition You'll Want To Avoid

We often look to design shows for home inspiration and advice. But every so often, we are confronted with some not-so-great design decisions, even from our favorite designers. "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" has created a ton of gorgeous spaces for families in need, but even professionals make mistakes. In fact, the show has dealt out some pretty bad home advice, including using bold colors on the exterior of your home.

In one episode, which focused on the Grys family in Illinois, the designers' exterior remodel didn't match up with the genuine improvements inside the house, including an elevator that offered more accessibility for the family's young son, as well as an indoor swimming pool. Ty Pennington, the designer for the episode, chose a bright orange color for the upper siding, color-blocking it with dark gray and stone. The finished result is, well, less than desirable. Here's why you should avoid bright exterior colors like this and what you should opt for instead.

Reasons not to add bright colors to the exterior of your home

When you're trying to make your home stand out amongst the others in your neighborhood, it can be hard to achieve without going too far. Ty Pennington designed a gorgeous home for a family on "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," but the exterior paint choices didn't quite land. Using a bright, bold color, like orange is a very specific choice, making the home less favorable for resale. If you have plans of ever selling your house in the future, you may want to steer clear of bold colors and stick to something more neutral instead.

In addition to property value, bright colors are usually more expensive and prone to fading, requiring more touch-ups and paint over time. Bright colors, specifically orange, red, and yellow, also attract birds, bugs, and bees. And while you may be thinking that you'd love some more bird friends, that also means your home is more prone to being a hot spot for wasp nests.

What colors to paint your home instead

We've already established that bold, bright colors shouldn't be put on the exterior of a home. On the other end of the spectrum, homeowners also make a mistake when they paint their homes white. So what color should you choose when painting your house? To keep your home looking timeless while still looking unique, consider trying muted yellows or earth greens, which help complement your landscape. If you are more of a neutral lover, ivory and gray are great options that will appeal to any buyer.

To give your home a bit more life without going too bold, consider focusing on the trim. A bright white trim against a darker home color creates a clean yet strong look, while a dark brown trim against a lighter exterior will make for an eye-catching design that will stand the test of time. Still not quite fun enough? Consider using your love for bold and bright on your front door – a turquoise or yellow door is sure to make your home feel more like you without going overboard.