Create A Modern Side Table That Doubles As Decor With This IKEA Hack

When furnishing your home, it's easy to become so focused on selecting and acquiring large pieces — like your sofa, bed, and dining table — that you forget about the smaller accents. By the time you realize that there's no good place to set your drink while you lounge on your new sofa, you may not have much of your furniture budget left, especially for attractive end tables or side tables. But what if you could make your own for only around $50 using kitchen items from IKEA?

Thanks to DIY hack machine, TikTok, your dream of a modern, stylish, and affordable side table can become a reality. The supplies for this DIY are simple and few. For each side table, you'll need four LÄMPLIG trivets and one SÅPÖRTMAL cutting board, plus a power drill with a 3/8-inch bit and a pencil. Grab your supplies and get ready to become a TikTok carpenter. 

How to build a side table out of IKEA kitchen items

The first step to building your IKEA kitchen item side table — as demonstrated by TikTokker @Lonefoxhome — is to line up your trivets on each outside edge of the cutting board, making sure to leave an equal amount of space on each end. Use a pencil to mark the placement of each spoke. Then, simply use your drill to create a hole where each pencil mark resides on all sides, being careful to push straight down to prevent drilling at an angle. When all your holes have been drilled, simply press the trivets into them, creating a table with the trivets as the base and the end table as the top. Afraid the table won't hold your décor items? Feel free to add some wood glue to each hole for extra reinforcement.

Don't have access to an IKEA? No worries. You can find dupes for both the trivets and the cutting board on Amazon. However, IKEA's prices simply can't be beat. If you'd like to customize your DIY IKEA side table, consider sanding and staining the cutting board and/or spray painting the trivets. This simple added step will allow you to create tables of any color and wood tone combination you desire. Black matte base with a cherry top for the bedroom? Done. Metallic gold base with a walnut top for the living room? Also done.