Why Soaking Your Spray Paint Can Could Prove Beneficial

It's no secret that spray paint has become a go-to for DIY enthusiasts of all kinds. Easy to apply and fast to dry, it's cost-effective, works on a variety of surfaces, and comes in an extensive array of colors and finishes. Spray paint can be used as a handy tool for your next furniture makeover, arts and crafts, and more. But nothing upsets a spray paint project like dealing with clogged nozzles, poor paint quality, and uneven finishes. Luckily, there's an easy hack that will help set you up for success.

Before you get ready to shake and spray, try soaking your can of spray paint in warm water. This swift and seamless step helps to loosen paint particles, ensure smoother application, and create even coats. As demonstrated by TikTok home improvement creator @redeux_style, all you need for this is a container that your can fits in, warm water, and a few minutes.

How does it work

Once you've assembled your materials, the process is quick and simple. Fill the container with warm water, avoiding boiling or scalding temperatures, and then submerge the can. A brief soak of a few minutes can help the paint particles loosen up and mix more easily. This will help to create a smooth and well-blended consistency when you spray.

Because of spray composition, it's especially important that the can is prepped before you paint. Inside every spray paint can, there is liquid paint, pressurized gas, and a small ball called a pea, which is used to mix the gas propellant and paint together when the can is shaken. If the contents aren't mixed properly before spraying, the result can be a lackluster paint coat or a pesky clogged nozzle. This is especially true if you're using a can that has been left sitting for a long time, as it's likely that the color may have settled at the bottom of the can. When you're done soaking your spray paint, there's one more crucial step. Don't forget to give the can a shake before you spray. Soaking isn't a substitute for shaking but an extra measure to ensure a great outcome.

Prolong your spray paint lifespan

Now that you know the trick for even coats and smooth application, you're set to soak and spray with confidence. There are a ton of TikTok spray paint tips to speed up your projects, but for your undertaking to be a success, you'll want to be certain you're starting with reliable paint. Even the cheapest spray paint from Home Depot can deliver great results. But whatever variety you're working with, storage and preparation can make a difference in how long your spray paint lasts and how well it works.

For starters, always clean the nozzle in warm, soapy water after use to prevent blockages. Store the cans with a lid on in a temperature-controlled environment with good ventilation. Any exposure to air, moisture, or humidity can affect the lifespan of your paint, so you'll want to avoid placing your cans in garages or outdoor sheds, especially if you live in an area with fluctuating climates. Store your spray paint away from any heat sources like sunlight, stoves, hot water pipes, and light fixtures.

In addition to these tips, make sure you read the instructions and warnings on each can and follow them closely. Check the expiration date, usually printed on the bottom, before painting. If your can has expired, it's best to toss it out to avoid a disappointing result. Finally, before any project, it's a good idea to test your spray paint on a small area of your desired surface before you get started.