TikTok Shares How To Turn An Awkward Counter Space Into A Stunning Coffee Bar

Countless kitchens have them: that odd in-between space that's too small for food preparation, too large for simple storage, and too often becomes a catch-all for keys and clutter. Whether it's a spot between the fridge and the wall or an awkwardly arranged corner, there's a helpful and beautiful way to transform that counter space: make it a coffee bar! TikTok user @amandamfontenot shared an inspiring before and after video of her own counter transformation from useless space to stunning coffee bar.

To create a cohesive aesthetic with plenty of utility, Fontenot began by removing the tile backsplash over the awkward stretch of countertop that would become the coffee bar. After replacing it with shiplap up to the top of the space, she installed shelves that perfectly fit the space. Finishing touches like tiny gallery rails add a classic touch to her take on a chic DIY coffee bar. Her counterspace transformation matches her kitchen renovation perfectly, but her way isn't the only way.

The basics of the coffee bar

All you need is a couple of feet of unused space to make your own coffee bar. While Fontenot's TikTok video focuses on a space that already has a counter, you could also repurpose an old or thrifted dresser or desk into the base for your own coffee station in an unused corner. To create your own coffee bar, just keep a few key factors in mind.

Before making any purchases, thoroughly measure the dimensions of your space. You can make just about any size work, but beginning with an awareness of your dimensions will help you purchase shelves, risers, chalkboards, and other materials in the right sizes. It's also important to do some planning around your goal aesthetic for your coffee station. Do you want it to match the rest of your kitchen? Are you looking to recreate a true coffee shop feel? This vision will dictate your needed materials and approach.

In most cases, creating a DIY coffee bar won't require advanced technical knowledge. Basic drill or hammer skills can help you install shelving as needed, and you may want to add paint or wallpaper to your space. The customizable nature of this project means that the price and skill level will vary based on your preferences.

Coffee bar assembly: make it yours!

With your desired aesthetic and the size of your space in mind, it's time to get creative. Build a coffee bar that's responsive to your unique caffeinating ritual and preferences. In addition to your coffee-making equipment of choice, you'll need a place to store or display every essential item in your coffee routine to create the best mix of functionality and beauty. This will most likely require a mix of countertop space, shelves, drawers, and hooks.

Think through each step of your beverage-making routine, and make sure that everything you need is included in your bar. Coffee pods and tea bags might live in drawers or in pretty glass jars on your exposed shelves. Perhaps you'll hang a few of your favorite mugs off of hooks attached to the shelving in order to save space and add character. Maybe you'll use chalkboard paint as shelf backing or hang a coffee shop sign to complete the cozy aesthetic. Add soft twinkly lights to inject a little magic into your morning routine, or keep it crisp and polished for peak efficiency. The options are endless and unique to you, and that's part of what makes styling your at-home coffee bar so fun!