The Clothespin Hack That Will Have Your Bathroom Smelling Amazing In No Time

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A shower can help wake you up in the morning or wash away the day at night, relaxing you to the core. But lingering odors from the toilet or a drain might spoil the fun. While you can liberally spray your favorite air freshener (or install an air freshener block) to deal with the smell in your bathroom, they may release VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which could adversely impact your health and the environment. Thankfully, a simple clothespin hack can keep your bathroom smelling fresh. All you need to do is put a few drops of your favorite essential oil or oils onto a wooden clothespin and hang it in your shower.

When you're using the shower, the steam will help release the scent and make your bathroom smell amazing. A wooden clothespin is essential because you want the wood to absorb the oil, which won't be possible if you use a plastic one. If you don't have any wooden clothespins on hand, you can get some from your local store or order a pack of 50 for under $5 from Amazon.

How to use a clothespin air freshener in the bathroom

To make your bathroom smell better than ever, grab a wooden clothespin and a bottle of your preferred essential oil. Choose an essential oil you won't mind smelling every time you're in the bathroom. Oils like lavender have a floral scent and can help you unwind and relax. Rose, ylang ylang, and jasmine are other good floral options. If you need an oil to lift your spirits, then lemon would be a great choice. If you love the outdoors and are open to experimentation, palo santo's woodsy aroma might be more to your liking. You don't have to stick to just one smell; combine two to three different oils for a unique blend. 

Once you've chosen, add four to five drops of the oil on the clothespin. You may add a few more drops if you prefer a stronger scent. Don't soak the clothespin, though; just periodically reapply the oil when the scent is no longer discernible. Then, simply clip it where desired. If you attach it to the edge of your showerhead, ensure it's not covering any water holes, as you don't want the oils to hit your skin directly. You can also pin it on top of your shower curtain or another spot to ensure that only the steam hits the clothespin. Voila! Your makeshift air freshener is ready.