HGTV's Jonathan Scott Explains How A TV Stand Can Revolutionize Laundry Day

A TV stand is a must-have if you own sound systems or several television add-ons, but have you ever considered putting one in the place where you do laundry? Courtesy of the Property Brothers, the living room staple is an ideal base for your laundry room, too. "Where you would put your TV on this armoire would actually be a perfect folding station," Jonathan Scott told Today.

It isn't just Jonathan who champions laundry solutions, either. Speaking to PureWow, Jonathan's brother and "Property Brothers" co-star Drew Scott shared that luxury laundry rooms are on the up, adding that the best types could be called a "laundry suite, with a folding area, sink and cabinet storage." A TV stand would fit right into this description. Not just for remote controls and everything else you might need to kick back and catch up on the latest television series with, replacing a typical cabinet with an armoire could be the laundry room organization tip you've been looking for. 

An armoire will let you streamline your post-washing process to a tee

Despite your best efforts, laundry rooms can often end up looking messy and unkempt due to the amount of things you have to keep in there. Even storage boxes can sometimes just cause clutter. A stand may be larger than a typical laundry cabinet, but, if it will fit everything you need in, it's worth making the room for it where possible. Plus, some stands are designed to be lower so you can hang your television above instead of placing it on the cabinet. If this is the case, you can then put shelves above to store your detergent and other items.

A typical TV stand (which differs from an entertainment center and is usually smaller) has at least two cabinets, but many have three or four drawers instead. We recommend opting for a style with at least two larger cabinets on either side. This way, you can split your washing into two piles: things that need ironing, and things that can be put away straight away. Then you can leave the top free for folding duties. Simple but effective, you'll find that sorting laundry becomes a breeze.

Make the staple furniture item work for you

Another way to utilize a TV stand in the laundry room is to store clothes that need to be washed but haven't quite made it into the machine. Instead of having an overcrowded laundry bin, you could use the space in the stand to split the laundry into categories like lights, darks, and colors. Depending on how many storage spaces there are, this is a great way to keep on top of which items need to be washed. You could also use one drawer for your clothes, another for your partner's, and a drawer for each of your children's clothes if applicable.

While baskets can do the same thing, they often look messy if there is lots of washing to be done. If the slots in the stand are too narrow, the above ideas may not necessarily work. If this is the case, a cabinet is a great place to store detergent, stain removal products, and fabric softener so you'll never waste time looking for them again. Generally, we recommend opting for a stand made from wood for added style and also because a wooden cabinet will blend in more naturally to a laundry room.