The IKEA HEMNES Cabinet You Need If You're Low On Shoe Storage

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There is nothing worse than being low on shoe storage space. Nothing makes your closet seem more cluttered or unmanageable faster than an avalanche of shoes littering the bottom. It not only makes the space seem chaotic and unkempt, but it's also very difficult to see what options you have. That's why most people turn towards some type of shoe storage solution, but not all of these organizers are created equally.

Some options, like shoe benches, still keep your items out in the open, which can add to the visual clutter, especially if you keep them in the entryway rather than tucked in a closet. If you want to hide your collection while simultaneously organizing it, then you can't do better than turning to the IKEA HEMNES cabinet. This is a shoe cabinet with tilted drawers that not only conceal your clutter but make it easy to see your options. 

This cabinet can be a great solution to your problem since it's disguised as attractive furniture. It looks like a sleek, contemporary cabinet, helping it blend in with your other pieces. It's also very thin in profile, which makes it great for tight entryways or hallways. Plus, it's easily customizable, allowing you to paint it any color you want without much fuss. Here is a deeper look into why the HEMNES cabinet might be the shoe storage solution you have been hunting for. 

The advantages of the HEMNES

The HEMNES is a great solution for folks who want their shoes out of sight and out of mind and don't mind investing a little more money to corral their clutter. While there are a ton of budget-friendly ways to get shoes off the floor (such as using two tension rods to store heels), they might not be as elegant as a sleek piece of furniture. If you want your storage solution to be as attractive as it is effective, then the HEMNES could be the right fit. The two-compartment version costs $170 on IKEA's website and measures 50 inches tall and 35 inches wide. It also has a depth of a little less than 12 inches, making it take up very little room. If you prefer something wider, you can opt for the four-compartment version, which costs $180. It clocks in at 40 inches tall and 42 inches wide and is even thinner than its taller counterpart, boasting an 8-inch depth.

The taller version holds approximately 14 pairs of shoes. If you have sneakers, sandals, and ballet flats, you can divide the drawer in half with an insert, allowing you to add more shoes inside. However, if you want to store boots or heels, you can remove the insert and create more space. The wider HEMNES cabinet holds approximately eight pairs of shoes. So even though it's wider and pricier, it doesn't store more.

How to modify it so it fits your aesthetic

The great thing about IKEA is that it is easily customizable, so you're able to easily transform this cabinet into something more in line with your home's design. The original cabinets come in either black or white color options, but you can either paint or spray paint it to whatever hue you like. In the TikTok video shown above, the creator decided to spray paint the cabinet, and she specifically used the Krylon Fusion All-In-One Spray Paint in the color Matte Pale Sage Green. She used about five cans to cover the entire piece; you can get one can for $8 on Amazon. This particular spray paint already comes infused with a primer, so that allows you to skip a step. Afterward, you just have to add a sealer on top so the paint doesn't scratch or fade. The best thing to use in this situation is a clear top coat polyurethane, such as the Minwax One Coat Polyurethane which can purchased on Amazon for $25 per quart.

If you prefer to paint the piece instead, first, you will need to lightly sand it with fine sandpaper to create texture on the shiny surface. This will help the primer and paint adhere better. Then, add a shellac primer to ensure the paint sticks to the laminate and doesn't just bead and slide off. Once that dries, add at least two thin coats of your desired paint color, and then seal it with clear polyacrylic sealer. A great option is Minwax Polycrylic sealer.