Ditch The Bulky Winter Snow Shovel For TikTok's Space-Saving Alternative

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Snow shovels help households get through brutal snow storms each winter season. But they are often stored in garages and only come out when it's time to clear a path in a snow-covered driveway or remove piles of snow from stairs. With all of the other tools and supplies stored in garages and storage closets, snow shovels can take up a lot of space. TikTok user @imlovintay discovered an innovative solution to this problem. She purchased a collapsable shovel that can easily be broken down and stored compactly. It only takes seconds to assemble the convenient tool for when you're ready to clear snow.

The product shown in the TikTok is the Overmont Folding Emergency Snow Shovel from Amazon, but there are quite a few varieties of foldable shovels available. The Overmont shovel is priced at $32.99 at the time of this writing. It comes in four color varieties, including black, blue, gold, and red. The shovel also includes an ice scraper and a convenient storage bag to hold all of its parts. It is 42.1 inches tall when fully assembled. For reference, a regular snow shovel found on Amazon comes in at 58 inches tall.

This shovel disassembles for compact storage

It took TikTok creator @imlovintay about a minute to assemble the foldable snow shovel for the first time, even after mixing up a couple of parts. The simple assembly bodes well for people who want to keep the shovel in their car or as part of an emergency outdoors kit. The shovel's lightweight aluminum construction was also praised by Amazon reviewers, who said it was particularly useful for winter camping and digging cars out of snowdrifts in the Midwest.

The Overmont Folding Emergency Snow Shovel can also be adjusted to a different height, like most folding snow shovels (which is especially useful if you want your kids to help out with clearing the driveway). This particular collapsible shovel can extend to 42.1 inches or shrink to 26 inches. 

The blade at the bottom of the shovel is a little smaller than traditional snow shovels, clocking in at 8.27 inches wide and 11.02 inches tall, but according to Amazon reviews, it does the job. The shovel also includes four holes that allow you to hang the tool if you would prefer to keep it out of the storage bag that it comes with. This may be a good option for those who need to have the shovel in close reach and ready to go throughout the snowy winter months. Although @imlovintay shared she intended to use the shovel to tackle snow, these kinds of shovels are also great for gardening or working with sand.