The Small Home Decor That Makes A Big Difference, According To HGTV's Jenn Todryk

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Jenn Todryk is the host of "No Demo Reno," which is an HGTV show that focuses on how to update your house in an impactful way without heavy demolitions. Because of this, she's a pro when it comes to building ambiance and character with decor and styling, and when Todryk shares a styling tip, fans listen because they know it will make a huge impact. Her latest nugget of wisdom is using cordless lamps to increase coziness and set the mood in different rooms in the house. These are miniature lamps that are battery-operated, negating the need to position them near an outlet. 

"Want some coziness? ADD A LAMP," the HGTV star shared on Instagram. "I have these scattered everywhere throughout my home and I LOVE turning them on at night — ultimate cozy experience!" She then showed seven different cordless lamps scattered through various rooms and surfaces in her house, demonstrating what a big difference the small decor item can make in the room. Here is a deeper dive into the feature and how to incorporate it into your own house. 

Why Jenn Todryk recommends cordless lamps

Jenn Todryk recommends cordless lamps because they're convenient, small, and offer a range of lighting options that can set the mood in a room. First, Todryk showed how convenient these lamps are by posting a video of her turning them on with anything but her hands, including her feet, nose, and chin. That's because you just need to tap the base to turn on the light. This makes walking through the house and turning them on a breeze since they don't require you to stop to turn a switch. They also come with different features. "But for real, these lamps are all adorable, cordless, most are chargeable and dimmable, and a couple are battery operated with timers," she shared on Instagram. For example, some can change from bright white light to a moody yellow glow with a simple tap. Others allow you to set them and forget them, negating the need to turn them off at the end of the night. 

Another great thing about these lamps is that they allow you to add mood lighting to places you normally wouldn't. For example, you can put a small lamp on your kitchen counter, creating a soft glow in the space when you're not using it to cook. You can also put it inside bookcases or open shelving units, creating a light similar to that of a candle. This is a safer alternative to lighting a candle on a shelf but creates a similar ambiance. 

Details to keep in mind

Todryk shared the seven lamps she featured in her video on her Amazon Storefront, allowing you to shop them directly to make a cozy home. If you want a lamp with a dimmer that allows you to change brightness levels depending on your mood, then Todryk recommends the O'Bright Seraph cordless LED lamp, which costs $40. If you want one with different color options, allowing you to switch from bright white to ambient orange, then Todryk likes the One Fire table lamp, which is $37. However, if you want a smaller lamp that can fit inside a bookcase and is on a timer, then you can't go wrong with the LUSHARBOR Battery Operated Lamp with Timer, which is $21.

One thing to keep in mind is that since these lamps are cordless, you'll need to charge them. That means if you like to use the lamps for long hours in the evening, you might need to plug them in routinely over the week. For example, the O'Bright Seraph lamp's charge lasts up to 48 hours if left on the lowest dimmer setting. However, some reviews share that it will only last several hours if left on the highest setting, requiring you to recharge it each night.