This Cutting Board Storage Solution Has The Internet Divided

You can avoid clutter and chaos in the kitchen by organizing items like your cutting boards. Ensuring that your cutting boards have a designated space can keep your kitchen more tidy and make baking and cooking more enjoyable. The best cutting board storage is both functional and stylish, but finding a good solution can be challenging since these boards are used pretty frequently. You want to keep them close at hand — yet out of sight.

Instagram user @surreyhillscabinets has divided the internet with his cutting-board storage solution. He shared a video to Instagram of his unique solution — he built four custom-built storage slots designed for cutting boards into a kitchen cabinet. To remove the cutting boards from the slots, he simply pushes on them. With almost half a million views, his video has garnered a lot of attention. Not all of the attention has been positive. People are divided over @surreyhillscabinets's storage solution. Some of his commenters love the unique storage space while others say that it is problematic. Issues brought up include moisture and mold problems and difficulty removing the cutting boards from the slots. Let's take a closer look.

Custom-built cutting board slots: a genius idea or not?

Several of the commenters on the video remarked that placing cutting boards into the slots could lead to mildew, mold, and issues with smell. The owner of the Instagram video, Surrey Hills Cabinets, said that you can easily deal with this problem by carefully wiping and drying the boards after every use. @surreyhillscabinets commented that this is what they do at home and they have never had an issue. As long as you thoroughly dry the boards before storing them, mildew should not develop. One person commented that this solution limits you to being able to only use one size board. Surrey Hills Cabinets remarked that if you want a larger board, you would just have to find somewhere else to store it.

Another person in the comments said that it "looks cool, but as soon as it starts swelling because of moisture, it won't fit in or come out." Another commenter countered this saying that the board will not change size much even with moisture. Some people also worried about not being able to remove the cutting boards from the slots. Other commenters loved @surreyhillscabinets storage solution. This is "very creative, pretty, and a convenient place to store them," mentioned one fan. Another person remarked, "The amount of room this saves.... i need this." What do you think of the idea?

Other storage solutions

While we love @surreyhillscabinets' unique storage idea, and think it's one of the best kitchen cabinet storage ideas we've seen, it's not an option for everyone. Being that it's custom-built, it could be out of some homeowners' budgets. Most people don't have the DIY skills to tackle this kind of cabinet customization. So, what are some other creative yet affordable storage ideas for cutting boards? You could store them right on the counter. This makes sense if you have the space, and your cutting boards look nice. But, what if you have old cutting boards that you want to keep out of sight?

If you want to hide your cutting boards, you could store them in a lower cabinet. An old magazine rack works perfectly for organizing the cutting boards once you place them in the cabinet. A pull-out cabinet is also great for cutting boards. You can also use an under-the-shelf basket to store cutting boards. These can be found at Wayfair for less than $20. No matter where you store them — make sure you clean and dry cutting boards thoroughly before putting them away.