HGTV's Nate Berkus Says This Timeless Design Trend Isn't Going Anywhere In 2024

Whenever Nate Berkus offers his expert advice, it's best to listen closely as the HGTV star provides excellent insight and tips regarding interior design. For 2024, Berkus advises opting for vintage over hyper-modern look, saying In an Instagram post, "I have always said that design trends come and go, but vintage furniture is timeless." The interior design expert showed how his young daughter's room has many vintage pieces and details, as even young individuals have been developing an appreciation for unique vintage finds.

He also explained how he values timelessness over trendiness in his collection's designs saying, he likes to find pieces that "will stand the test of time and not just be a trend moment." So, anyone planning to shop for furniture and home decorations in 2024 should consider following Berkus' advice and embracing vintage looks with personality over ultra-contemporary trends that seem exciting at first glance but will not do anything for the space once the trend fades out in a few years. 

Vintage decor tips from Nate Berkus

Before investing in vintage pieces for your home, deciding where to place them, and how to style them, familiarize yourself with some vintage tips Nate Berkus swears by. For instance, if you don't know where to start with vintage decor shopping, the interior designer recommends splurging on "A vintage or antique gilt mirror. You will always find a place for it, no matter where you move or how your home evolves," Berkus told MyDomaine. "Mix old pieces in with new ones. Vintage finds have a patina that makes a room look collected and assembled over time," he added. So, while you don't need to stick to only vintage furniture and decor, incorporating some antiques — or even at least one — into your home will add charm to the space.

If the expert's advice inspired you to invest in a vintage or antique-looking mirror, but you don't have time to hunt around antique stores for the perfect find, there are many options to explore, such as the best-selling Ornate Filigree Mirror. You can purchase it for around $200 or just under $400 for the longer option at Pottery Barn. The imported mirror will add a regal-looking touch to any room, making it worth the investment. Or, check out the West Frames Bella French Ornate Embossed Wood Framed Leaner Floor Mirror, available for about $580 at Wayfair. The mirror takes inspiration from the Baroque era, and reviewers adore the beautiful piece.

Nate Berkus recommends vintage lighting, too

While Nate Berkus appreciates vintage mirrors, he also suggests working with vintage lighting as another option. "It's deeply important to mix in vintage things ... whether that's adding a vintage mirror or some old lighting and having it rewired — or even a pair of antique lamps," Berkus told Homes and Gardens. So, opting for more vintage-inspired lighting can be just as effective as investing in an antique mirror.

Yard sales and antique in-person shops are excellent places to find vintage lamps, but you can discover many antique-inspired lamps online, too, such as the Alcott Hill ​​Candy Resin Table Lamp, selling for under $75 at Wayfair. Featuring an antique bronze finish, customers noted that the petite lamp looks beautiful in their homes.

Or, if you want more than one vintage-looking lamp, check out the Tage Leaf Table Lamp Set, available for just below $150 at Raymour & Flanigan. The two lamps feature a gold leaf finish and will beautifully complement an antique gild mirror.