The Window Decor Tip That Will Make Your Bathroom Feel More Open

Your bathroom is where you wind down and relax, so this space should be an elegant and restful spa-like retreat, and the last thing that you want is to feel cramped and uncomfortable. However, if you have a small bathroom, that is exactly how you might feel. But the good news is, a large space is not required to create a spa-worthy bathroom.

Even if your bathroom is tiny, you can intentionally design the interior in a way that makes it feel more open and spacious. Want to make your tiny bathroom feel bigger? There's no need to go to open up a wall or do a full remodel, small changes can make a big difference. To make your bathroom feel more spacious, start with the windows. Leave off the blinds and curtains, as natural light is important for opening up a space. The more sunlight you have coming in the windows, the better. 

Leave curtains off your window

Increasing the amount of natural light in your home is one way to make rooms feel more open and spacious. This goes for the bathroom, as well. Unfortunately, bathroom windows are often covered up with thick curtains or blinds, which limits the amount of light. If you have enough privacy, eliminate curtains and blinds and leave your windows bare. This works great if you have windows located higher up on your wall or if you live in a remote area further away from neighbors.

If you need more privacy and can't leave your window uncovered, a good solution would be to install motorized blinds or window shades on the window. These allow you to have privacy when needed, such as when taking a bath or shower. When you want natural light, you can easily open them. Some motorized shades and blinds are smart, which allows you to control them with your phone, making it even more convenient to bring in natural sunlight. Make sure you choose blinds or shades that are okay to use in steamy bathrooms though.

Other ways to make your bathroom feel more spacious

Besides letting in more sunlight, there are some other easy things that you can do to give your bathroom a more roomy feel. First, use the same color to paint the room. This includes the ceiling too! Skip the white ceiling paint and use the same color on the entire space. Experts are mixed on whether to use light or dark paint colors in a bathroom, as brighter hues better reflect natural light while darker shades emphasize the vastness of the room, making it appear larger.

Clutter can make a small bathroom seem more cramped and uncomfortable, so, it's important to declutter if you want to open the space. Get rid of hygiene products that have expired or that you haven't used in a while. You can also purchase a stylish over-the-toilet shelving to store your essentials. Finally, use wall-to-wall mirrors to reflect light. These mirrors are great for use above a vanity, and they create an optical illusion of more space.