The Best Way To Make Your Tiny Bathroom Feel Bigger

When it comes to decorating, there are various issues that you can run into regardless of how good your planning skills are. Sometimes things don't match or the spaces don't flow into each other as well as we'd like. Other times, there might just be too much going on or there simply isn't enough space! This is a very common issue and one that comes with a lot of frustration because it takes a lot of effort to work with tiny spaces, from kitchens to bathrooms.

You can end up with a space that is a smaller size than is ideal for different reasons. Perhaps you downsized and have now moved into your new place with too much bathroom stuff. Maybe you're in an old house so the bathroom wasn't given much of a thought at the time it was being built, which is a common challenge, according to Old House Web. No matter the reason, rest assured that there are many ways to deal with this issue and improve the situation without a huge remodel!

Two options

One of the best ways to make your bathroom space seem bigger is to create an illusion of more space using lighting. This is done by ensuring there is an abundance of light flowing through the bathroom because this causes it to feel open and big. Adding on a lot of bright and light colors can help to boost this effect because it makes the place feel airy. Mirrors can also help, since reflections make the space feel more open and taller (via Modern Bathroom).

Another great way to make your tiny bathroom feel less cramped is by being smart with your space! You can do this by opting out of having a shower door or using a glass one. This open-concept design move will make the bathroom feel bigger. You can also do this by keeping out heavy pieces that take up space. Reimagine how you can get some space back when the storage cabinets and even things like the sink are more lean and slight. When you can, keep accessories small and compact—avoid the chunk!

The verdict

Prepare to get creative! Creating an illusion is the best way to go because it provides many more feasible tactics to make that tiny bathroom feel roomy. By letting in a lot of natural light and maximizing it, you can draw in a sense of warmth and openness. Wondering about not having a lot of light? Soft colors like teal, beige, and canary yellow can enhance whatever natural or artificial lighting you do have, causing the place to feel bigger and more comfortable, according to Home Decor Bliss.

Mirrors are about to be your best friend. Like colors, they will reflect the light that comes in. Try covering an area with a big mirror to avoid the limiting feeling of staring right at a wall. As laid out by Academy Glass and Mirror, a mirror on a cabinet door can even hide storage space and keep things out of sight, adding to the illusion!