The Easy Storage Shed You Can DIY For Less Than $100

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Whether you're starting a homestead or just doing your own lawn maintenance, you need a dry place to store your tools and supplies. The problem is that storage sheds are expensive and if you're doing these things to be more self-sufficient and save money, there may not be room in the budget for pricey storage. One TikToker has a simple solution to create a DIY storage shed using basic tools and inexpensive two-by-fours.

When you hear the term "shed" used, you probably think of a small building with a solid roof and walls. They are made of wood, metal, and even plastic and cost between hundreds and thousands of dollars. The process used in this TikTok video by janklabs is more of a frame than a complete shed since it uses a tarp to keep everything dry, but we love this project because, with a few tweaks to the plan, it has more potential uses than a simple shed.

Making a DIY shed

Using only 25 two-by-fours and some basic power tools, janklabs was able to build a solid wood frame. Although he doesn't go into details about the finished size, he mentions that he made as few cuts as possible to get the most out of each plank. It looks like each horizontal wall plank is its original size at 8 feet long, and the vertical planks are cut to 6 feet with the extra 2 feet used for bracing the roof.

We admire the ingenuity of this TikToker and, well, his humility. He mentions this is a project for those with little to no experience, but making roof trusses is not a process for folks who have never handled a power tool. Still, for those with the right tools and a little experience, building this DIY frame seems very doable. We should also note that you'll need a friend to put the roof in place once the sides and one end are built because it's too large and heavy for one person.

The key to making this DIY shed work is the large tarp he used to cover the top and sides to keep rain and other nasty weather out and his supplies dry. In the video, this TikToker mentions the entire project was only $90, but prices will vary.

Other uses for this simple frame

Perhaps the reason we love this video is that it gets our creative juices flowing. By showing us how to make a simple frame, this user has given us the ability to build a foundation for a number of uses. By adding a simple, inexpensive top of corrugated material, you could create a shaded area to relax in your outdoor space. The basic frame covered in blooming vines like passionflower, coral honeysuckle, or trumpet vine would make a stunning centerpiece in a cottage garden perfect for attracting a wide array of beneficial insects and birds.

It would also be easy to turn this simple frame into an inexpensive greenhouse. Instead of using a tarp to cover the top and sides, a layer of clear 6-millimeter plastic would turn this frame into a warm, steamy greenhouse perfect for starting seedlings or protecting plants over the winter. You could even upcycle plastic soda bottles by stringing them together, creating a greenhouse effect. The possibilities of this basic frame are only limited by your creativity and needs.

Getting the same benefits without tools

While we love the concept and price of this DIY shed, not all of us are skilled with power tools or have the help we would need to put it all together. A simple alternative to keep your supplies dry in bad weather is a pre-made greenhouse. These plastic-covered metal frames come in many sizes, like this one on Amazon for less than $90. In a pinch, one of these products will keep your lawn and garden supplies dry until you can invest in something more permanent and they require no tools or experience to assemble.

The downside of these mini-greenhouses is that they are very lightweight and will blow away on a windy day. They come with tie-downs to help anchor them, but they are not sufficient for any area that gets more than a slight breeze. Secure the base of a metal frame by placing a cinder block in each corner and tying it to the frame.