TikTok's Chic Solution For Hiding That Ugly Water Jug In Your Kitchen

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Many households rely on five-gallon water containers for their drinking water needs but often find its appearance unappealing and somewhat of an eyesore. This is why many are willing to try chic ways to hide their water dispenser. While there are numerous covers available to purchase online, alternative options include hiding the container within a shelf and covering it with a basket. If you want to be more creative, you should consider creating a DIY cover, as a resourceful TikTok user named Mik Zenon demonstrated. His innovation involves modifying an end table to encase a five-gallon water jug and enable water dispensing directly from the table. This creative solution merges functionality with aesthetics, effectively blending the water dispenser into the home decor.

Fortunately, creating this DIY water dispenser hidden within an end table is relatively straightforward. You'll need an end table with storage space, a rechargeable wireless water pump, and a 3.5-inch hole saw. Conveniently, all of these components can be found on Amazon.

How to DIY a water jug storage and water dispenser

The following are instructions based on Mik Zenon's innovative DIY water storage table. Cut a hole at the center of a Jurmalyn small end table with storage (available on Amazon for $139.99), or any similar storage that can house a water jug, using a 3.5-inch hole saw. Put the water jug in the end table, which should allow just a bit of the jug's opening to stick out. If you want more surface area on your end table, you can place the hole (and consequently the dispenser) slightly to the side — just make sure the jug will still fit in the end table. Secure a rechargeable wireless water pump (available on Amazon for $15.39) on the jug's opening. You can also add furniture legs (available on Amazon for $15.11), especially if you need to add height to the side table.

This DIY water jug solution makes accessing a glass of water extremely convenient, particularly if the side table is beside your bed. However, a common concern raised about this DIY is the preference for chilled water, as the setup dispenses water at room temperature. It's important to note that the primary goal of this DIY is to create a discreet storage solution for the water jug, with the added convenience of accessibility being just a bonus. If you don't want a water dispenser and have some budget, you might want to consider installing a water dispenser on your refrigerator instead.