TikTok's Simple Weed Whacking Tip Makes Yard Cleanup A Breeze

An unsightly lawn can make your property an eyesore. As complex as lawn maintenance might be, it is an imperative aspect of caring for a home. Weeds and overgrowth can quickly make a lush lawn visually unappealing. A string trimmer, commonly referred to as a weed whacker, is often used to get rid of this unwanted growth and restore the appearance of a lawn. Although weed whackers are convenient, they often send weeds flying onto walkways, sidewalks, gardens, and other areas they don't belong. A TikTok video shared by @meyers.makes revealed that you can simply cut right to left using your weed whacker to send your clippings in the direction of your yard rather than onto a walkway or garden area.

When those clippings blow in the direction of your lawn, they blend in and are not as unsightly as they would be if they were to end up on the sidewalk or a walkway. Although this hack may seem incredibly simple, many are unaware that simply changing the way you operate a weed whacker can eliminate this common problem. Check out this tip in action below to see how you can minimize walkway cleanup by using your weed whacker from right to left.

Working right to left reduces clean-up time

As explained by @meyers.makes, the right-to-left weed whacking method is effective because most of these tools operate counterclockwise. If you are not used to operating your weed whacker this way, it may feel unnatural to switch things up. However, saving time on the clean-up process is likely worth adjusting your typical routine.

You may have noticed that TikTok users pointed out potential problems with this method in the video's comment section. For example, one commenter mentioned that the clippings and other debris will blow in the direction of the weed whacker operator's legs when working right to left. If there are rocks or other hard debris in the grass, this could result in an injury. With this in mind, it is important to remain aware of any hard materials that may blow back in your direction when using this method. You can also reduce the risk of injury by wearing protective eyewear and long pants that are appropriate for yard work.

Other commenters dismissed the hack because they prefer to use a leaf blower to send clippings back onto the lawn. This might make sense for those who already own a leaf blower, but the hack is likely worth it if you do not own a leaf blower, saving you from having to purchase one.

Blowing clippings back into your lawn boosts grass health

This weed whacker hack will not only keep your walkways clear of clippings, but it may also leave you with a healthier lawn. This is because lawn clippings nourish grass similar to the way fertilizer does. Alec Kowalewski, associate professor at Oregon State University's Department of Horticulture, shared insight on research into the effects of clippings on grass health. "Our research has shown that we can cut the fertilizer application rate almost in half when we return clippings with a mulching type rotary mower," Kowalewski told OSU Extension Service. "And on lawns growing in clay soils, I have produced acceptable quality turf for as long as 12 years without adding any fertilizer at all."

Although Kowalewski used a lawn mower rather than a weed whacker in his research, it seems that the power lies in the clippings. You likely do not have to blow grass back into your lawn with a mower to see these benefits. A weed whacker should also do the trick. When blowing clippings into your lawn, still keep it to a minimum to avoid smothering your grass. Do not leave large amounts of this debris on your grass, especially during periods of heavy rain.