TikTok's Laundry Room Find Will Revolutionize The Way You Air Dry Clothes

As much as we wish we could throw everything in the dryer on laundry day, the unfortunate truth is some things must be air-dried. However, accordion drying racks aren't the best space-saving solution, and they're challenging to store away due to their size. Even though they're made in various sizes, you can't always fit every clothing article on them. You can try DIYing a laundry rack on your laundry room's wall, but it only fits if it's a room that's more than average-sized. You might be hesitant to DIY a drying rack if you're not an avid DIYer. Luckily, TikTok users found a superb laundry room drying tool to make air-drying clothes easier: pull-out drying racks from DryAway.

The pull-out racks are floor-to-ceiling tall, sandwiched in a single cabinet, allowing four to fit in one space. Each rack has five adjustable drying rods for you to hang your shirts, pants, jackets, and intimates. When you fill the rack and are ready to slide it back inside, you can push the other racks to the side so the clothes don't fall off. While DryAway's pull-out drying rack helps keep standard accordion racks off the floor, it's not the most budget-friendly option. However, there are a few affordable options you can install in your laundry room. Here's everything you need to know about DryAway's drying rack before we jump into alternative options.

DryAway's drying racks are sturdy but pricy

The key to revolutionizing the way you air dry your clothes is finding the quickest and most efficient way to dry your clothes. DryAway's floor-to-ceiling drying racks will fit in the smallest corner of the room, as shown in their TikTok video. It doesn't take up a lot of space, which is perfect compared to free-standing accordion drying racks. In addition, you get to choose from three different frames, two different materials, five different finishes, and two different sizes. DryAway has 30-inch deep bamboo frames in white, off-white, gray clear coat, and espresso. Or, you can choose a 30-inch deep ash frame in a white, black, or clear coat. Lastly, DryAway offers a mini version that's 24 inches deep in bamboo white or ash-gray.

The prices range from $595 to $2,655 on DryAway's website, depending on how many frames you get, the finish, the material, and the size. For instance, two 30-inch white bamboo frames cost $595. On the other hand, if you wanted eight 30-inch ash frames in black, the price would be $2,655. They include everything you need to install the racks, but if you don't have a cabinet to hold them, you'll need to create one, following DryAway's video blueprint.

DIY affordable drying racks in your laundry room

If you like DryAway's cabinet drying rack and can't wait to purchase your own, you'll soon have an effortless way to hang dry your clothes. However, if you think the cabinet drying rack is brilliant but it's out of your price range, we have a few affordable options for your space. You can DIY a drying rack by repurposing baby furniture to hang on your wall. You won't have to purchase many materials; instead, you'll save money reusing an item that's collecting dust.

Alternatively, you can build a cabinet in your laundry room and try replicating DryAway's pull-out drying rack. You can create a sliding laundry rack with a few wood frames, mounting brackets, metal rods, screws, nuts, bolts, and drawer sliders easily. Use DryAway's rack as inspiration to create one at home. Adjust the size by tailoring the frames to the cabinet's size and depth. 

If you buy your materials at your local home improvement store, such as Lowe's, Home Depot, or Ace Hardware, you can find affordable materials that will cost you less than purchasing an entire unit. Home Depot sells wood planks that cost less than $5 per wood board, a pair of drawer sliders, and metal rods that both cost less than $10, depending on the size. You'll need to build the frame, mount it, and drill holes to insert the rods, so you should be comfortable with moderately challenging DIY projects.