Unsellable Houses Star Predicts This Cabinet Trend To Dominate In 2024

Are you trying to determine the best paint options for your cabinets in 2024? Lyndsay Lamb from "Unsellable Houses" says taupe and beige are two of the best choices in a 2024 Instagram post, where she described those neutrals as "a few [design trends] that I'm the most excited about." So, before you look for vivid or ultra-cold-looking hues, consider these trending neutrals to add a warm and cozy touch to your cabinets.

Do you need clarification on the difference between taupe and beige? The two neutrals can appear super similar, as they're both typically warm and have different variations. However, they are not the same. Generally, beige is a bit lighter than taupe and can lean more toward tan and cream, while taupe can be a bit darker, leaning closer to gray or brown. Although they aren't the same, taupe and beige are equally excellent cabinet options in 2024, as Lamb noted, so just choose the neutral you like best and think will most successfully enhance the kitchen or other room's vibe.

Think about taupe if you like a lot of gray

If you like warm-gray walls, furniture, and decor, you'll likely enjoy taupe and beige cabinets. "Cool greys tend to have a blue undertone, whereas warm greys generally have a beige/taupe undertone," Lyndsay Lamb wrote on Lamb & Co. "I tend to lean more on the side of warm greys because they pair well with most floors and furnishings. I've never seen a project go wrong with a good, warm grey." So, if you're like Lamb in that you tend to gravitate towards warm grays and have many warm gray details in your home, taupe and beige will both be excellent options for your cabinets.

But taupe also looks stunning with smoky gray, as taupe tends to sit closer to gray than beige. Thus, if the kitchen or room where you'll be installing the new cabinets — or just getting them re-painted — has a lot of dark gray or even cool gray tones instead of notably warm grays, you may want to consider going for taupe paint colors on your cabinets, as they'll likely mesh with the smokier gray elements better than a creamier or tan-leaning beige cabinet.

Beige is foolproof for cabinets in most spaces

While taupe cabinets can be ideal for rooms with smoky-gray details, beige complements almost everything else. Plus, beige might arguably be even trendier than taupe. "We're still seeing colored cabinets for 2024, but we're going to see a lot more cream and beige," Lyndsay Lamb told Cleveland.com. So, if you want a Lamb-approved neutral for your cabinets that will add a light yet warm touch to any space in your home, beige is a safe and stylish option.

Beige is arguably the most versatile option for cabinets. After all, many posts are dedicated to #beigecabinets on Instagram, showing various examples. For instance, beige will complement a black-and-white marble splashback, warming the look up rather than clashing against it. On the other hand, beige cabinets will also look great with beige walls for a monochromatic, creamy effect. The options are endless when it comes to on-trend beige cabinets! Some ultra-trendy and adventurous homeowners may even want to implement taupe and beige cabinets into their houses.