Easily Update Your Home's Exterior Metal Features With A DIY TikTok Swears By

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Styling the exterior of your home is just as important as the inside. After all, the exterior is the first thing everyone sees. And it's not just the big-ticket items like your fence or front door that make a difference — even the style of the metal fixtures can transform the outside of your home. However, you don't have to splurge on new fittings whenever you're craving a new look. An easy TikTok DIY is here to help you give the metal an upgrade, from light fixtures to mail slots.

Changing your home's exterior metal features is a stellar way to boost curb appeal on a budget. All you need is a rag, painter's tape, and premium gel stain to refresh the area. You can visit your local hardware store for the exterior stain. Amazon also sells a half-pint for $13. This project is beginner-friendly, inexpensive, and can be completed in one afternoon. Let's check out the how-to for picking the stain color.

How to stain your metal fixtures

To get started, prep the area you're going to stain. Use painter's tape to line around the metal fixture so the color doesn't leak onto any unwanted surfaces. Once everything is ready, dip the rag into your gel stain and smear a thin layer evenly onto the fixture. If your surface needs a second coat, follow the product's instructions regarding how long to wait before applying the next layer. Then, let the stain dry and remove the tape. Now, you have a new fixture for less than $20.

You can pull off this transformation on any metal feature of your home's exterior — lighting accessories, door knobs, shutters, mailboxes, and other metal pieces. The same gel stain can be used to revamp patio furniture, too, which is a stellar way to tie together your home's entire exterior design. The hardest part may be picking a color...

The perfect color for your home's exterior metal features

When picking the color for the exterior fixtures, think about your home's style. What is the undertone of the facade, and do you want the features to blend or pop? A shade with the same hue or color temperature as your home's exterior color will blend in, like gold shutters on yellow siding or brass lights against brown brick. However, for the metal features to stand out, contrast is the way to go. If your home is light and bright, go with a dark stain for the metal or vice versa.

Plus, all your fixtures don't have to be the same color. Feel free to mix and match metals in the exterior designs. You can go for a temperature contrast to get a dynamic look where you have both cool and warm-tone metals. If you're up for the challenge, try a copper mailbox with a chrome lighting accessory for maximum depth. However, if you're unsure, you can always keep it safe and go neutral. Black, nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze metal finishes work well against any home exterior. And since the refresh DIY is so simple to complete, it doesn't hurt to test out a shade and swap it in a few months.