Smart Ways To Repurpose Binder Clips Around Your Home

We all know binder clips can lend a helping hand in the office, but did you know you can also repurpose them in almost every room of your home? The detachable handle, flat bottom, and wide mouth of these supplies make binder clips great for creating storage space, organizing items, and DIYing crafty gadgets. We have 10 ways you can use the office supply around the house for more than just holding paper together.

The majority of these upcycling tricks utilize regular and jumbo-sized binder clips, though some of the hacks can also work with mini ones. However, you may need a few more smaller types to complete the projects than if you were using the larger versions. All of these hacks are beginner-friendly and easy to complete, no matter your skill level. So get ready to declutter your junk drawer and put those forgotten binder clips to good use. Even if you don't have any binder clips lying around, these ingenious hacks may encourage you to purchase some. Fortunately, Dollar Tree sells assorted packs for just $1.25.

1. Display photos

You can use a binder clip to showcase photos in two ways: either on a tabletop stand or a hanging display. To create a tabletop stand, simply sit the clip and its handles upright before sliding the photograph between the handles. On the other hand, if you want to hang the picture, attach the clip to the top of your image and pin it to the wall with a tack through the binder clip handle. This method is perfect for larger portraits or posters, as you won't have to puncture any holes in the artwork.

2. Craft table place cards

Place cards are a great way to elevate your dinner table, and you can make them with binder clips. Create the cards with table numbers or guest names and slip them between the upright binder clip handles. Then, you can add them to the table setting. Colorful binder clips are more decorative than plain ones, but you can also accessorize the office supply with washi tape or paint.

3. Turn a sponge into a paint brush

With a large binder clip, you can turn a sponge into a paintbrush. Just fold the dish sponge in half with the abrasive scrub side inward and secure the ends with a binder clip. The clip becomes the handle, and you can dip the sponge in the paint. This makeshift paintbrush is best for decor and crafts, as you wouldn't want to use this hack to paint an entire room.

4. Air dry sponges

A great way to make your dish sponge last is to let it air dry after each use. If you don't have a drying rack, using a binder clip as a stand is the next best thing. Just wring any extra water out of the sponge and attach the binder clip to one end. Then, prop the sponge up near the sink but far enough away so it doesn't get sprayed with water. This will provide it with enough airflow to thoroughly dry out between uses.

5. Secure the garbage bag

Garbage bags falling into the bin are a nuisance. However, that problem can become a thing of the past thanks to a couple of binder clips. Simply attach a few fasteners around the trash can to secure the bag; two on each side should do. Now, when you drop in your scraps and litter, the bag won't sink to the bottom.

6. Store your tools

Binder clips are useful in the garage, too. You can turn the office supply into a tool organizer by fastening the clips to a table or counter and sliding your equipment through the handles. Jumbo binder clips will work best so large scissors, pliers, screwdrivers, and other tools can easily fit through the hand grips. However, mini clips can serve for nails and screws as well.

7. Organize jewelry

Another thing binder clips can hold is your jewelry. Attach the clips to the side of a mirror and drape your necklaces or bracelets around the handle. You can also hang a mesh bag that houses smaller items like rings and earrings from the clip as well. If you don't have a mirror to spare, you can hook the binder clips to the edge of a shelf or another piece of furniture. In fact, even a sheet of cardboard would work.

8. Create hanging storage

A binder clip can come in handy for creating hanging storage. To complete this project, you'll need a small basket, a wall hook, and a binder clip. Attach the hook where you want the extra storage, like behind a door. Then, secure the binder clip to the basket and thread the clip's handle through the wall hook. You'll have a hanging basket to store small items like razors in the bathroom or pencils in the office.

9. Sort cable cords

The messy bundle of electrical cords around your desk can get a lot neater thanks to a few binder clips. All you need to do is attach one binder clip for each cord to the side of your desk and thread the wires through the clips' handles. You may need to remove the binder clips' soft handle grip covers first so the cord can fit. The homemade organizer will keep the plugs tangle-free and within arm's reach.

10. Make a phone stand

Last but not least, binder clips can also work as a phone stand. With two large binder clips and a sturdy sheet of paper or cardboard, you can make a phone stand that's perfect for propping up your device when you're following a recipe or DIY craft. Simply attach the two clips on either end of the card and nestle your phone between the hand grips.